_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Even more Orihime fanart...Power, what power?

One of her boobs is bigger than the other but isn't that the way it is with everyone?
So far I've drawn her commiting seppuku, learning to handle a gun, and this one's supposed to be *cues dramatic music* the realization of her true power.

Next I'll probably make more nekky pictures of her and Ishida... or her and Rukia.

Warning for naked girl: EDIT: that booby pic got thrown off DA because Orihime is underage. You can see it at my website: last on on the bottom right

Also, in case anyone was wondering besides those creeps at  bleach_anon  I have no idea what my writing journal is featured in bleach_news
other than for the fact that it's a comm, it's probably busier than a lot of comms and it's Bleach-y. But anyone else can start posts here. Talk about the manga or anime or those widdle pink tear ducts drawn for Ulquiorra. Or give me fic ideas.
Or suggestions. Or throw me candies.
Tags: fanart, orihime
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