Grenat (escarboucle) wrote in bleachness,

New anime END

You can see it here (thanks to cris for posting it in the IchiRuki FC). It begins around 5:50.

It's Inoue-centric, with panels from the Turn Back the Pendulum chapters. Can't say much about the music ATM, I can't listen to it XD

However, it's interesting that in this OP, we have one panel of the whole gang with Rukia looking back and smiling at Ichigo while Inoue is turning her back to the camera to watch them. She's showing her back mostly, and we have some scenes with her in a flowerfield and, at some random point, an OOC Ichigo waving in the same flowerfield.
At the end of the END, we see her struggling to get out of the flowerfield...

NeoSapien said it was a very depressive END, and I have to agree on that. My take on the meaning is that the flowerfield represent Inoue daydreaming (Ichigo waving in such ridiculous manner is quite telling) and her struggling to get out of it represents her struggling to come back to reality. It looks as if she's pondering on the IchiRuki relationship and her own relationship with Ichigo. And a whole depressing atmosphere, showing the unrequited side of her feelings and how she probably knows it.

On a side note, I have to say that the TBtP panels do look good XD

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