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January Birthday Contest: Byakuya Fanfiction

Title: The Chase
Author’s Name: sereneKhaos
Category: Byakuya Fanfiction
Word Count (if applicable): 999
Spoiler Warnings (if any): references info learned during Turn Back the Pendulum
Rating: PG-13

The Chase

The thrill of the pace, the euphoria of the chase, has kept Yoruichi and Byakuya playing tag for centuries. Despite time and distance their tag game remains a constant. When they were young it was just an excuse for social interaction, she would tease and he would chase and neither would have to face their feelings they would just move, it was game. It was quite a primitive expression, safe physical stimuli. The additional level of excitement it brought them was almost addictive; it was more then just the flash steps it was the chase and thrills it brought.

Now they were no longer young or free to run around the Seireitei playing tag. Now Byakuya had no time for games, he has many responsibilities that take precedence; he is the head of the Kuchiki clan and captain of the 6th Division. Despite being stripped of her titles Yoruichi had responsibilities too. She is carrying the weight of the past and the burdens of the future, burdens she must carry alone, but unlike Byakuya, Yoruichi always makes time for little fun.

Yoruichi came to Byakuya, to entice him to attend Kūkaku Shiba’s New Year fireworks display, but Byakuya refuses he has too many responsibilities. Yoruichi is not one to take no for an answer so she teases, he takes the bait, and the chase begins. The captain and his demon cat runaway and disappear into the night. “Tonight victory is mine, Yoruichi Shihoin.” They taunted each other as they streaked across rooftops and played under the stars.

It was so easy for Yoruichi to lure him away from all his responsibilities to play with her in the dark. “Byakuya, just because you’re now a captain doesn’t mean you can catch a goddess.”

This was their time and their time alone. Even now if someone dares to question their little game it could easily be explained as Byakuya’s quest to take back his hair tie. Granted it is a weak excuse but an excuse none the less. They would not have to explain the more complicated reasons behind the tag game.

Yoruichi always won their games of tag, no matter how hard he tried Byakuya was not as fast as the demon cat. She always manages to slip easily from his grasp. To Byakuya chasing Yoruichi was like chasing the wind. Like the wind she would gently caress his skin, it was her touch, her tease that drew him to her, and every time Byakuya would reach out to grab Yoruichi she would slip through his fingers, but tonight would be different. Byakuya had laid a trap, he knew her moves and watched her patterns he was prepared. Yoruichi was not one to be fooled so easily and saw straight through the trap. She avoided his trap effortlessly, but avoiding the trap left her open and vulnerable. Now Byakuya has her backed into corner; like any cat backed into a corner Yoruichi tries to scratch her way out and take back control of the game.

Byakuya’s actions have greatly intensified tonight’s game of tag moving it to another level. Their bodies are in sync she cannot believe he is matching her pace. The intensity of the new level even has them starting to sweat a little. Byakuya becomes more motivated with each new move Yoruichi reveals; this drives him to work harder. There is nothing left Byakuya and Yoruichi are now running on pure passion. The intensity causes their breathing patterns begin to change. “Ah so this is the game you want to play Byakuya. Do you think you can keep up with me?” There is no verbal response from him. His eyes disclose his desire, Byakuya wants this, he needs to win tonight. He’s not giving in is he? Byakuya answers her by adding more power to his moves. You didn’t think I’d give in that easily did you?

Yoruichi slows down the pace, she needs to take back control of the game or she will lose. She’s teasing me. Byakuya touches her, he touches her back, her arms, her neck, everywhere lightly caressing her exposed skin tantalizing her. Now he is the one touching and teasing. She tries to move away, but he has her firmly in his grasp. He whispers in her ear, “Stop trying to run from me”. With those words Byakuya takes complete control and starts dictating the pace.

Damnit I am losing. This is not fair, Byakuya has changed the rules, I’m supposed to win. “Byakuya wait”, she tightens her legs around his waist pausing his movement for a moment. “No” he responds as he moves faster. “Byaaa” Her screams are drowned out by the sounds of fireworks as the Social Society rings in the New Year. I can’t believe I lost, but who knew losing could feel so good. A mischievous smile lights up Yoruichi’s face, as she opens her eyes to find a very smug Byakuya smiling above her illuminated by the many fireworks dancing in the sky above them. It has been forever since she had seen him smile. She reaches up to trace his smile with her fingertips. He takes her hand and kisses it through his completion.

Superb. Byakuya opens his eyes and just stares at his demon cat under the full moon’s light, taking a mental picture. Exquisite. Who knows when they will be able to play tag again, they both have many responsibilities. He kisses her softly then whispers in her ear, “Yoruichi” If he says I made you see fireworks I am going to beam him. “May I stay just little longer”?

She answers with a zealous kiss. She begins running her fingers through his loose tousled hair and caressing his back. He enjoys the feeling of her warmth as it surrounds him and he relaxes melting into her. Then they just breathe.

“Yoruichi, happy birthday” he whispers followed by a few more kisses. She smiles a special smile just for him, “Thank you”
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