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Ulquiorra and Orihime

I got it! He's not going to soften one little bit. It's supposed to look that way to readers. What Ulqui is doing is following Aizen's orders and he's going to befriend Hime somehow and let her out and bring her to the Hougyoku--at which point Aizen will pop out and say "surprise!" and tell her that nyah, nyah, nyah, she can''t bring the Hougyoku back to a time when it didn't exist.

andrew_jp 's idea for the fanart. In the last pic Hime was a wilting flower. Now she's taking lessons from Ulqui.

The Professional

Episode 115? It looked so badly drawn again. :( And Dattebayo translated Rukia's line as "that's the man I know you are" instead of "that's the man I keep in my heart." Or did Perriot change the line? Aizen looked... I dunno... less than the hot overlord he is in the manga.

BTW, I'm still dancing on the grave of the reincarnation theory, and isn't KAIEN THE GOOFIEST? I think I love him.
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