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Gotta Love Orihime/fanart

As if the squeeage from this week's chapter leaks weren't enough (I TOLD YOU IT WAS HIM!), I'm still delighting in Orihime's performance of last week. Some people are predicting she'll crack; others say she's about to bust through and show her stuff. I'm sure you know what group I'm in--I'm just curious as to whether she'll defeat an enemy with love (hey, Ulqui's announcing himself before he comes in now--he's smitten) or with some hyped up Tsubaki or some DAUGHTER OF THE HEAVENLY THRONE business. I hope it's Tsubaki.

Drawing a series of Orihime pictures. This one came out Ok. Warning for violence and well.... Orhime performing seppuku. If you're not registered with DA and over 18 you can't see the pic.


Next week, Renji, I hope. I heard one comm predicting the big lug's death! No! Kubo would not kill off a beloved character! People like Renji don't die in shounen. I want a surprise. I want a strange Renji sacrifice--maybe a little RenRuki fanservice before Rukia falls into the arms of her true beloved (that goofy new guy running around! XD).

oOOh, it's getting so good. Is anyone as interested in Orihime's power up as I am? Will we have an unprecedented Magical Girl Zooms in for the Kill in a shounen?

Wish I could say something more substantial than omg every week but it's usually four weeks after a chapter that it starts to fit into a grander scheme for me. Manga is a very strange art form and I haven't become fluent in reading it yet--I can understand movement and fights better and know to pay attention to tiny intermediate panels and to read slowly, text and image at the same time. From chapter to chapter there really seems little else to marvel about but the plot twists.

Last week, though, it seemed to me and some other people that Ulqui was softening... I hoped he wouldn't. I still hope he doesn't. I like him as a little pissy professional. But the whole "Hime saves some Arrancar's soul" scenario is being set up so well. I'd imagined it was going to be the little buck-toothed cutie Arrancar (have already forgotten its name... seriously, Kubo-san, toooo many interesting characters).
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