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HAPPY NEW YEAR SHISHOU! Prediction Poll, Plushie Picspam


I got something for you, Kubo-sensei! Pheleon made a pretty Szayel plushie just for you--and look, I found a blue rose at the dollar store and it has a picture of Jesus on it. Here, Szayel is holding it in one of his tentacles out to you. HE IS REBORN LIKE THE NEW YEAR.

Isn't he wonderful? His tentacles can hold so many things. Like salt shakers and gashapon figurines. He tried to grab my Ishida plushie but ISHIDA WOULD HAVE NONE OF THAT. Behold this year I'm sending you store-bought chocolates because I can't afford fancy Belgian truffles. I was so happy to find the blue rose, though--and it was only a dollar!


Expect other surprises in the package, Kubo-sensei, and thank you for a wonderful year in manga in 2008--who knows what the new year will bring? We can't help but try to guess!

Poll #1323658 FIRST USELESS POLL OF 2009

What's a gonna happen in the manga, people?

Arbola (aka Christmas Tree) will inspire Rukia to go BAN KAI!
Unohana will show up in the nick of time and chew up some ass and lay waste.
As predicted at NarutoForums, Orihime is pregnant with Aizen's Alien Baby!
In keeping with the IchiRuki spirit of recent weeks, the action will cut back and forth from Rukia's fight with a tree and Ichigo's fight with an Espada!
Mayuri has done something very very very bad to Ishida.
Huge fake out before Ulquiorra release and it's back to Soi Fong fighting Barragan!
Orihime finally makes her move ... whatever that is ... Tsubaki, hougyoku, whatever....
Ichigo loses his shit over something and Shirosaki comes out!
Betcha Orihime is really scared of Shirosaki!
Renji wins a fight.
Hitsugaya's ban kai can reform from a zillion scattered pieces of ice of course and look out Halibel!
Iba is not dead.
Somebody dies.
Aizen makes the key and next stop--SPIRIT REALM!


Warning: Under the cut is a MASSIVE PICSPAM of Szayel's adventures in debbiechan's house. Kaien-dono, a Pheleon plush I got for a very dear friend, is also involved, as are my birthday Ishida and Orihime Pheleon plushies. Guest appearances by Kakashi of Naruto, My Little Ponies, my tangerine tree, my daughter, Momo the cat, and ... I think the coffeepot is in there.

The one-in-the-world hand-made plushies made just for me!

Look! You can see his Shiba tattoo here! Kaien-dono liked hanging around my coffeepot while Szayel was torturing various toys over the stove.

He tried to lure Szayel into the microwave. The plan didn't work.

Szayel had one of my daughter's Kakashi figurines in his tentacles. I mentioned that Kakashi was in trouble in the manga and Szayel seemed to like him and wanted to play with him.

Meanwhile Hime had befriended Sophie's My Little Pony collection

Sophie was asleep on her sleeping bag in the dining room with Momo.

Ishida and Momo noticed one another.

The snow had melted off my tangerine tree so I was out gathering some for lunch.

I brought some fruit to the kitchen but where had Szayel gone?

Szayel was trying to bother Ishida in the kitchen but Ishida would have NONE of that! (Kakashi's
status is to this date UNKNOWN! I believe he's alive somewhere--maybe Momo got him!)

When Szayel took some Littlest Pet Shop toys hostage, Ishida had to put on his sanrei glove and do battle (okay, he went into teeny tiny super little sanrei glove form but that's the way stuff works in PlayLand, okay?)

Szayel retreated to one of the shelves with Hebrew bibles on it. He seems to like it up there. He's been up there ever since Ishida threatened him. I don't know how the shift of power came out but Ishida is a MUCH bigger plushie than Szayel so he can boss the Espada around I guess.

Ishida and Orihime paused for a portrait. Did I tell you how well they're getting along lately? They haven't made use of Pheleon's full posabilty features yet but they're getting closer all the time.

Thank you everyone for your amazing kindnesses of the holiday season. I loved all your cards and packages and today I'm framing fanart in my study! Your fandom love has really helped in what has been a tough year for me and my family. Oh Rachel! I got your package just yesterday! Thank you for making me earrings! I hadn't worn any in so long but I promptly put them on because you said they were for good luck in the New Year and I forgot to take them off--I had a strange feeling when I woke up, a sensation of deja vu, a familiar pressure between my cheek and pillow--AH! Remember the days, deb, when you used to come home from the bars and fall asleep on the sofa with your long dangly earrings on? It was a reassurring feeling, a feeling like "oh today I can sleep in." And I can! It's New Year's! Everyone was up last night listening to the firecrackers pop and now is dead asleep and I have the house (and computer) to myself for a while! Sweet freedom! Maybe I'll finish my Ukitake story, my ChizuHime... or maybe I'll just draw Ishida.

Happy New Year to all. Maybe all your hopes turn into happy realities.
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