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Report from JUMP FESTA; Kubo Interview

Thank you to my lovely melodymix for the translation of the report.

The original post is in the IchiRuki FC  here


WJ31号・BLEACH316:Swang The Edge Downのマンガにあわせてアフレコ


スモークの中からせり上がって師匠登場。衣装は昨日と同じ。黒のジャニに黒のVネックインナー。サングラス 。





瀞霊廷で騒動を起こしたいなあ→そうだ!藍染を殺そう→誰が犯人だと面白いかなあ→そうだ!本 人にしよう!


折笠「過去篇の最後に平子が出てきて『ほないくで」と言っていたが、どこに行ったのか?いつ出 てくる?」
・師匠「仮面はまとめて出したい。そのための舞台を今,用意中。いつ出てくるかは言えない。ま だ先」





折笠「ジャンフェスに来るとみなさんの元気をいただけます。来年もブリーチをがんばります。ありがとうござ いました」
師匠「今日は来ていただいてありがとうございます。アメリカに行ったときアメリカのファンも日本のファンと 変わらなくて

I went to JUMP festival.

They voiced over the manga WJ 31st JUMP BLEACH316:Swang The Edge Down

Orikasa(Rukia), Morita(Ichigo), Itou (Renji) appears

Morita: “Its hyped up than yesterday!” then does the Bleach call

Through the smoke Kubo appears. His outfit was same as yesterday. Black jersey, a black V necked inner wear and sunglass.

Talk about the movie

They said the same thing as yesterday. Naming the original characters from Rukia’s POV was very difficult.

Orikaksa: “A strong yet gentle name Rukia would come up with”

What bits do you want everyone to focus on?

Kubo: “The relationship between Ichigo and Rukia. Their change in their own feelings”

Talk about the manga

What will happen in Karakura Town? Tell us sensei

The pillars that are broken is paid by the Captains of the division. That’s why everyone is just watching (laughs)

Kubo: “The flashback arc had many feedbacks”

From there “Everything happened from Aizen’s betrayel” and Hayami (Aizen) appears.

He was wearing a similar clothes as Kubo, a black jacket.

I was surprised by Hayami-san. The other face of Aizen.

Kubo: “Aizen will become more evil"

Kubo: “At first I did not plan Aizen to become the shadow behind everything. I just thought he will become the enemy after he was killed

The flow to Kubo’s plan
There was trouble in Seireitei--> that’s it! Lets kill Aizen!--> The most exciting person to make him/her the culprit--> That’s it! Let’s make himself the culprit!

On the screen shows the present Captains and the past captains
In the past there was no Captain for the 10th division and the 11th division
Kubo: “In the 10th division during the flashback arc the Captain just pasted away”

Orikasa: “In the flashback arc there is a scene where Hirako goes “Lets go then” but where did they go? When will they appear again?” (end of TBTP arc)

Kubo: “I want the Vizards to appear all at once. So I am preparing a stage for them now. I can’t say when they will appear. Not anytime soon.

Morita: “When will Ichigo, Rukia and Renji appear?”

Kubo: “Ichigo will appear next week”

Sambomaster appear (the band who did the Diamond Dust Rebellion theme song)

Yamaguchi (band member): “What will happen to Chad?”

Kubo: “He will have an active role. I am still planning”

The drummer fell in love with Rukia after watching the movie. After seeing Orikasa-san he said “She’s real!” at back stage.

The sing enthusiastically “Hikari no rock” and 2 other unpublished songs

The comment from voice actors and Kubo

Orikasa: “Coming to JUMP festival makes me feel like you guys are sharing your energy with me. I will do my best in Bleach next year as well. Thank you so much”

Kubo: “Thank you all for coming today. When I went to America it made me feel that there is not much difference between the American fans and the Japanese fans as they both have no boundaries to something they love. __________________

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