_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

IchiRuki Holiday Art

STILL waiting on a scan of that original Kubo FTB art that was included with this week's chapter in WSJ. Apparently posters are a bitch to scan. All I know about it for sure is that it's IchiRuki. According to sketchbaka , "It's Dark Rukia vs Ichigo on desert. On the announcement was written, "a poster Kubo-sensei draw with all his might" Hopefully someone will scan it soon."

In the meantime, have a lovely IchiRuki calendar art from the Versus Crusade Calendar found by Mel.

And this lovely fanart on DA:

IchiRuki Happy Holidays by Lady Shieru.

Oh, I hate waiting for the New Year and the next issue of WSJ!

Tags: fanart, ichiruki
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