_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

IshiHime on Valentine Cover of Love Drop

It's a GORGEOUS pic and so full of expression. Hime's holding a Shinigami ribbon and Ishida is holding her from behind with this look of grief! *fangurls*

Love Drop

Refresh the pic and you'll get IchiRuki! They're about to kiss entwined in a red Shinigami scarf!

There was an Aizen/Momo in the rotation but it doesn't seem to be coming up for me now. It was so funny--Momo giving old glasses Good Aizen a Valentine's present.

I'm still in shock over chapter 262. Death by manga-ka, death by manga-ka. They will write it on my tombstone.
Tags: aizen and momo, ichiruki, ishihime, love drop
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