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Oh my gosh! I can't believe this!

I was just looking over a bleach forum, which I have been a member for quite a while, and oh my gosh, I really can't believe what I have read! There were so many Ishida haters out there. I just can't understand the hate, I mean, I love Ishida, and he actually ranks number one on my list. But, why are there so many haters.
They are calling him all this stuff like useless,a fag and all that I mean, come on. First and foremost, he isn't useless. I just want to rant how bad I feel about reading all this posts about him. Probably those that tops the list includes Rukia, Hinamori, and Ishida. Though I understand they could be annoying sometimes, but to hate, especially Ishida. I wanted to shoot them.

He isn't worthless, he had proven his worth, shown his intelligence and also let us see that he is capable of holding his own against a captain class shinigami, and at such a young age without proper training. Isn't that just admirable?
And them calling him a fag because he sews, I mean, it is one of the things about him that I find endearing, like he isn't afraid of persecution, of doing something that the world says to be unmanly.

Ugh, and I would like to continue but nothing comes inside my head as it is flooded with all those words that I have recently read. And I allowed myself the torture.
I am sorry, like i said, I'm kinda new to this fandom, a little less than a year, so i haven't seen those threads before, and I probably won't be able to find anyone who would sympathize with me at the moment.This is just ranting.

I still believe that in the near future, he will have an important role, and I await it entirely.
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