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New Kubo Art, FTB movie IchiRuki Hug Scene

Thanks to melodymix who found the scans. There's a movie pamphlet that came out with the premiere of Fade to Black in Japan yesterday and a new Kubo drawing. It's very beautiful--looks like watercolor. Also in the pamphlet is a scene of an IchiRuki hug (we didn't know about this--all we'd gotten from the advance premiere spoiler was tell of a face-cupping). escarboucle is really batting close to 1000. She called a hug for this movie. Anyway, it's quite tender, Ichigo looks protective and relieved. I guess this was the part where all the girls in those Japanese commercials for the movie said they started to cry. Morita said bring lots of towels. I guess this Bleach movie is a five-hanky chick flick after all the fights are done!

The cover:

The art by Kubo:

The hug scene in the movie pamphlet:


Spacey was in Shibuya the other day and said there were giant IchiRuki posters in the station. He's going to try to get some photos of them. IchiRuki madness is at full BLAST in Japan. More interviews and tidbits to come.

ETA from sketchbaka 

Kubo-sensei's comment on pamphlet:

The third movie is becoming a special work for BLEACH. It's different with the usual element of many movies, it's a story close to and in which the simple Bleach's origin is drawn. I'm hoping for this story to remain, even just a little, in the hearts of a lot of people.

Also mentioned in pamphlet:

In the script this time, Ichigo as main protagonist facing the heroine Rukia directly. Wondering how to rebirth the story about these two's bond; the director and producer started the story from presenting the plot of Kubo-sensei's original manga.

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