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Volume 36 Turning Back the Pendulum

All scans gratis of sanoiscari

Goodies in this post here.

One of my favorite covers. Just clever and fun.


The inbetween chapter doodles are, as always, pure love and Spacey translates Kubo's message in this post too:

Lately on characters birthdays i have been recieving the most amazing presents.

For Aizen's a bottle of Don Perignon.
For Gin's 100 roses.
For Rangiku's blue/green roses.

Honestly, I am starting to worry about the readers wallets.

Well, I guess Space will have to give up on that idea of a Ferrari for Kubo. He was going to get one for Kubo-sensei if only Aizen could win in the end. We don't want Kubo worrying about his fans going through economic hardships, do we? *is still stocking up on Shishou's favorite little chocolates*

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