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"Glow" IchiRuki Bleach Beat Duet Excerpt, "Not Amorous" means "Not Dating" and More Morita!

Translation by sketchbaka We just have an excerpt for now. Morita's singing has improved so much! I really love this song!

Listen to the IchiRuki due:
Click "sound"

translation by sketchbaka:

Btw the lyrics, it was by ear so I apologize in advance for mistakes xD
Btw btw Rukia said, "kaze" (wind) and "hoshi" (ten no hoshi/heaven's star) which are her songs' title. "Sora" (tattoo in the sky) and "ame" (memories in the rain) are Ichigo's Hyaaa

naiteta kanashimi no ikisaki wa
the destination of this cried out sadness is





tatoeba kakenukete susundemo
even if you run past it




hoho ni
that cheek

Thank you, Sketchy!  Also, I've just logged on and am catching up with the whirlwind of fandom stuffs post Kubo interview. I honestly never see all the fuss over Kubo interviews coming--but then I always underestimate fandom's ability to take any interview out of context and misinterpret any one phrase.  
Oh and just because I feel it is my fandom obligation, I must go around disappointing people who misread Kubo's interview. Spacecat, the MAN, the owner of Bleach Asylum and resident professional translator now living in Japan says he would've translated the "not friends but not amorous" as "not friends and not dating either." And he's far from an IchiRuki fan--in fact he's a member of an IchiOri forum. But he just didn't see the big fuss over Kubo saying Ichigo and Rukia aren't lovers.

In a movie booklet, of places, where some people who have never seen the anime or read the manga and may be going just because of Aya or because they want to kill a couple hours, it may have been necessary to clarify the relationship--maybe because anyone would think Ichigo and Rukia have a lover relationship from the way Ichigo carries on in this movie.  Ha ha. Ho ho.

INTERVIEW translated by sketchbaka 

Movie highlight and interviews from another magazine.

http://ranobe.com/up2/updata/up38981.jpg http://ranobe.com/up2/updata/up38982.jpg http://ranobe.com/up2/updata/up38985.jpg http://ranobe.com/up2/updata/up38986.jpg

Director Abe "She saved my family when I couldn't, now this is my turn, I want to protect her who lost her shinigami power because of me," that was Ichigo's motivation in the original manga, wasn't it?
Rukia's existence is that important to Ichigo. So what will Ichigo do if Rukia appears as his enemy? I think you can feel their bond more than usual this time.

Morita Actually, at the beginning, Ichigo's memories also disappear. For Ichigo himself, it shocked him that he forgets even just for a moment. "Why did I forget about someone this precious?" Then after that Ichigo's 'journey of heart' begins.

Morita Ichigo keeps saying, "Please remember, please remember," to Rukia. Not about Ichigo but about Rukia herself. "Please remember about yourself, because everyone is living inside of you," something like that.

Question, "What's Rukia's existence means to Ichigo?"

Morita, "Because she's a very firm, strong person at heart, she has been an emotional supporter for Ichigo. She couldn't be spoiled but, just by her being by his back, he gains self-confidence and could move forward. But she's not Ichigo's lover or family, it's wrong if you say it as friend also. I feel like there's something else lies in different dimension."

Question, "It feels like there's no words that could explain their relationship clearly?"

Morita, "Right, it is also something that this movie wants to express. But after all, me myself still couldn't explain these two's relationship clearly. (laugh) Only, this time I tried to act, "Ichigo is thinking strongly about Rukia this much," and once again I was able to feel it.

Question, "Up until now Rukia is called, "A person who change Ichigo's world," right?"

Morita, "Because his meeting with Rukia, he was given shinigami's power, the 'world I want to protect but unable to protect' was changed into 'the world I able to protect'. I don't know if Ichigo is glad by meeting Rukia or not. Only, Ichigo himself prepared himself to live in the world Rukia has brought him into, so I think he's happy with the way things are. And because it was Rukia who brought him into the world where Ichigo could live as Ichigo, he must think that he wants to protect her no matter what it cost."

Question, "About that Ichigo, what's his role in this movie?"

Morita, "This time he's rebelling against his heart, bewildered by things that happened, depressed by his confused self, he experienced a lot of feelings in that short of time. This kind of Ichigo was the first. Why he became like that, because the subject is Rukia. "Right, it's Rukia! I will said it 100 or even 200 more times so remember!" something like that. That kind of romantic speech, Ichigo is saying that, it was very important to me. "Wonderful! Ichigo, what happened? You're so young! (a statement Japanese said to a person in love)" something like that (laugh)
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