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Kubo Interviews R Wanky, No Kubo did not MAKE a Movie Himself

Every time a Kubo interview comes out, there's such ... STUFF that goes in my fandom. I'm dizzy by the end of the day. It's like the tablets have fallen from Mount Sinai and broken into a zillion pieces and every faction has claimed one part  and is holding it up as the TRUTH.

When jaina said this morning that she was already tired from just thinking about the shipping wank, I was all sparkly and ready to go (I love to talk about my Kubo) but now I'm exhausted unto the verge of tears.  I guess this is a ritual of internet fandom--to ship, banter, and scroll until your shoes are trawling through the mire and you see no way out of the stupid but to go to bed. Meh--I just have to have a last word to summarize the fandom day.

At least no one called jaina names this time around (I suppose the next time an interviewer of Kubo's is identified, we can expect that) but at first there were cries (interestingly from some segments of fandom that oppose an IchiRuki pairing) that the interview was fake (did they think they were being set up in a hoax?) and some IchiRuki fans were all matte, matte, how can it be that Kubo-sensei calls Ichigo and Rukia MORE than friends but still calls them precious nakama--isn't that a contradiction in terms? Maybe some fans did the usual LOOK, I can predict the plot of a manga based what letters of the English alphabet Kubo's interview translates into per every fifth word!  Also, Kubo's laughs were interpreted as gleeful or mocking, depending on who you ship in Bleach.

My favorite part remains that Kubo said "I think I made a movie where..." His involvement in Fade to Black was such that he takes credit for it!  A little presumptuous of you there, Kubo, but of course... I know what you REALLY meant.

I do.

Honest I do.
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