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Announcing the January Birthday Contest!

In honor of a couple of birthdays – for celebrants both real and imagined – I am pleased to announce the January Birthday contest! Please read on.

1) Laurie’s Choice: Byakuya Fanfiction Category
Write a work of at least 500 words featuring Byakuya as the main character. The story may be of any genre – romance, humor, suspense, AU, erotica. Crack het pairings are very welcome.

2) Adam’s Choice: Kenpachi Fanfiction Category
Write a work of at least 500 words featuring Kenpachi as the lead character. The story may of any genre – horror, action, drama, satire. Crack het pairings are welcome, too.

3) Just for the Lulz: Draw like Rukia Comics Category
Draw a comic of at least one page featuring either Byakuya or Kenpachi in a humorous situation. The catch here is that the drawing must emulate the Rukia style.

Whether Rukia-style involves all chibis or rabbits, we’re not sure. What would you think Rukia would draw, or what would she like? Surprise us and make us laugh out loud like crazy people.


What’s at stake?

1st place winners in the Byakuya Fanfiction Category and the Draw Like Rukia Comics Category get to select a handmade division badge made exclusively for this contest. These badges will be similar to the Shinigami badge I made in pottery class. I plan on making all thirteen divisions, so 1st place winners may select which division they like the best.

The 1st place winner in the Kenpachi Fanfiction Category will receive some badass Kenpachi fanart. I'm not sure what medium Adam plans to use, but I'm confident it will look great.

Additional prizes may be given by the judges, depending on the number of entries. Any additional winners will receive cross-stitched Bleach items, most likely with patterns taken from here. (Thanks to lorie_fan's cross-stitching post, I am inspired!)

Since we will be making all the prizes, we will post any progress from time to time… hopefully this will motivate you all to submit an entry for more Byakuya, Rukia and Kenpachi awesomeness.

Rules and Guidelines:

1. You may enter all categories as often as you like.
2. You do not have to be a member of bleachness to enter but you must have a Livejournal account. (Go ahead and create an account just for the contest, we don’t mind.)
3. Winners will be decided by a jury of rabid Bleach fans – _debbiechan_, adam_epp, and myself, laurie_bunter. Additional judges may be invited in case of a need for a tie-breaker. We will be judging each work with an eye for:

- Originality
- Characterization
- Mastery of the English language, so plz dont submit entries l0aded with mistrakes & typ0s

4. No poetry because Adam has a deadly loathing for iambic pentameter.
5. Judges are disqualified from entering the contest. Buhuhu. They may, however, post something just for the heck of it.
6. All ratings are welcome.
7. No slash. Adam and I are unabashed het readers, so please do not submit any yaoi. Save your yaoi works for Deb’s next contest! :D
8. Since this is a judged contest, please refrain from asking us to beta your entries. This is just in the interest of fair play. ♥
9. Our decisions as judges will be final, and no, we cannot be bribed. :D At least I think we can’t! So just dazzle us with your remarkable fanfics and artwork.

How to Enter

1. All entries must be previously unpublished, unposted, and new material made exclusively for this contest. Anything that has seen the light of day before January 9, 2009 is ineligible.
2. Official start of entry posting starts on at 1AM, Friday, January 9, 2009. Deadline for entries is 11:59 PM, Thursday, January 15, 2009, Central Standard Time.

3. Entries must be posted to bleachness with the subject heading “January Birthday Contest” and the category of the entry (Byakuya fanfiction, Kenpachi fanfiction, draw like Rukia). If you are submitting more than once, each entry must have its own post.

4. All entries must include the following information:

Author’s Name:
Word Count (if applicable):
Spoiler Warnings (if any):

5. All fanfiction must be posted in the community under an LJ-cut, not linked.
6. All entries for the Draw like Rukia contest maybe uploaded at other websites such as deviant art or photobucket, but a visible image must be posted at bleachness (take note, some work at deviant art do not show up in links for non-members, and you want everyone to see the fruits of your hard work.) If in doubt, upload to your scrapbook.

7. Winners will be announced on January 31, 2009.

In case anyone’s wondering, I thought of this contest would be a cool way to celebrate our birthdays, enrich the fandom with more quality fanworks, and more importantly, to have lots of fun. ♥

We hope this little contest gets your creative juices flowing! Feel free to inform your friends about this contest.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

And yes, many thanks to Debbie for hosting this contest for us! :D
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