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Characterization in Fanfic, oh dear....

Speaking of OOC, here's one (visual)characterization of Ishida:
Don't laugh... or don't click! XD

How to tell if a Bleach fanfic is by debbiechan:

1. There so much internal monologue that it sounds like there should be a voice-over on top of background music.
2. Nothing much happens for a while and then it does.
3. At some point someone grabs Ishida's wrist (Renji, Orihime, Ryuuken, Ichigo--who else? Oh yeah, Shinji. I just realized my thing for grabbing Ishida's wrist yesterday....)

Writers and readers out there, I know it's been said that you want to read about sex more than anything else but my reviews and mail have been telling me that the people want plot, characters that are in keeping with the manga universe and are IC, and have some funnies.My fics that do that get the most gushy reviews. The elliptical, poetic, more or less plotless ones (I'm still not over the dead silence that followed "Five Paths, Two Endings!" SOB!) and the vignettes of hyperrealism get the  "huh?" responses. PEOPLE WANT PLOT!

My excuse and the one I'm sticking to is that Plot and IC fics are so limiting. While I'm a canon junkie and I strain for canon characterizations, I like to read out-there fics. The sex ones work the best at OOC, since a lot of yaoi by definition is OOC in Bleach. On the other hand, I can easily see someone like Ishida being a total flame. That doesn't mean he has to be the girl in the relationship (ugh, he so often is in yaoi... he's a mooshy, weeping, non-snarky uke--I like that in my doujinshi but not my fic) and it doesn't mean he has to be raped a lot (says she who has raped him quite often now....) I can never imagine Urahara seducing a teenager but fics where he does seem to work for me somehow. Orihime acquiescing to sex easily? Hmm, I can stretch my imagination that far.

Internal Monologue: Why do I use it so much? It 's the Hamburger Helper of Fiction! Quick way to do exposition and show a character being in character. Instead of saying "Ichigo thought that he would never get out of this mess," write Damn, we' re screwed unless I can hold onto my Hollow one more second.  Some characters, the thoughtful ones like Ishida, are easy to write internal monologues for. Others--like Orihime and Isshin--are impossible. They talk rather than think, so I have to make them talk a lot.

Gin. Oh man is he hard to write. We don't know a thing about him from canon so there's no way to give him thoughts or apparent motives or EVER write a story from his POV. He's only ever a secondary character in fics--unlike Aizen who's easy to assign some malevolent plans to, if not revealing what he really is up to in the canon plotline.

The best for both internal monologue and speaking her mind: Tatsuki! Everyone, write more Tatsuki. I want to read Tatsuki fics. Fics where she has sex with Orihime would be great, but one where she's angsts over Ichigo and her friends growing away from her are good too. Fics where those end stories Kubo-san drew about her beating up on Keigo would be ever so lovely.

Who's easy for you to write and why? What characterizations in fiction bother you the most? Which Bleach characters do you want more fic of? I'm taking notes. I don't know where my next story is coming from and I want it to be a continuation and I want it to be IC.
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