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Excerpts from Bleach T.V. a show previewing the Fade to Black movie with Aya.  Lots of good clips. 


melodymix has already begun translating the Kubo interview from the movie booklet. Here's a tidbit. I'll point you to more as it progresses:

Kubo: From the 2nd movie the subtitle was brought up by me. From the time when I first heard that the memory of Rukia will be disappearing inside everyone an image came into my mind that Rukia’s memory of Ichigo and the gotei 13 will be disappearing. From there the meaning of “Disappearing into black” became the subtitle “Fade to black”.

After coming up with the English subtitle "Fade to Black” they asked me to come up with the Japanese subtitle (laughs) So after carefully digesting the scenario I searched for some scenes that can be the key word or words that I can use, and found that in the plot, someone calling out someone’s name, especially in this story where Ichigo calling out Rukia’s name was a strong expression that even though no one else remembers you I do, and I found out it had an important meaning behind it. So that’s how I came up with the subtitle “Calling Out Your name”

sketchbaka is translating the Fumi and Morita interview. Here's a tidbit! Muchas Gracias Sketchy!

Is Ichigo and Rukia's confrontation also one of important points?

It was their first confrontation but this time Rukia herself doesn't have any memories so I just go along with it without thinking about anything.

It was difficult for me. Ichigo could never attack Rukia, you know. So it's really hard to fight. It must be difficult for Ichigo to see the changed form of Rukia.

Any good memories during the recording?

At the scene when Ichigo and Rukia's memories are returning, I was told to insert an ad-lip of a warm word that symbolize Rukia. But because Rukia used to say insults, I couldn't come up with anything (laugh).

That time everyone tried very hard to figure it out but after all we could only came out with "Tawake/Idiot." It was troublesome. "I don't remember ever being told warm words!" then everyone burst into laughter.

All the casts and staffs were laughing hard, come to think about it, Kubo-sensei who came was laughing as well. By seeing those smiling faces, I really can feel their trust on us. It really leaves a good impression.

Even though he was busy, he kept looking after us for the whole 2 days of recording. His appearance gave strength and safe feelings to our hearts.

Last, do you have any message to fans?

This time is something like, "This feeling that couldn't be described by words." (laugh) What the characters are holding in their heart, couldn't be expressed by single word, doesn't have shape and couldn't be seen but they're actually connected from the core.... I strongly thought that rather than seeing, I wish everyone could feel that particular parts.

For me, I hope for fans to think together about the importance of calling out someone's "Name". This time, Ichigo is calling out Rukia's, Renji's, Byakuya's and other people's name but no one calls out Ichigo's name. Even though you're calling out no one answer, now I know how sad it is having no one to call your name. Name isn't only meant to call but also to be called, this kind of thing. I wish for everyone to see the movie and feel how important this thing is. And after finish watching the movie, I wish everyone will call out the name of the person you love.

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