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Chapter 337 "Hail in Your Inferno" and Colorful Bleach spoiler

Chapter 337 "Hail in Your Inferno" Scanlation by Sleepy Fans at OneManga

I thought this was a mightily exciting chapter. No Gin reaction face but ooh, the HisagiRangiku--ooh, could you feel his determination to save her? Still, I'm glad Hisagi got his guts squished out. It's what I expected to happen; I would've hated it had he proven to be the saviour here. Kira's faces--ROTFLMAO. I really enjoyed the boys so much here... and when I read the spoilers I thought that maybe Iba had actually gotten taken out by a cero. Nah, no way. When's the last time a cero every hurt anybody? Okay that was question one. Question two is when did Kira spend time in the 4th? It seems to suit his nature so well. And there's been speculation that Unohana is another Kira to the nth degree, sensitive and kind but serious about war when she has to be and a MERCILESS KILLER when the situation calls for it. But Kira in the 4th? Didn't Aizen say he handpicked Renji, Kira, and Momo straight out of the Academy for the 5th? Okay, a third question.... love old man Yama interfering and the contrast between him and the old carp in the king's chair who does nothing as his fraccion get wasted but WHAT DOES IT TAKE before Yama busts in? He really let the kids play for a good while. As a parent myself, I know how it's a matter of letting the kids earn their own bloody knees for a spell and have them make their own mistakes before you rescue them but geez, Hisagi was about to die. Iba too... I know. SUSPENSE 101. Gotta love it, Kubo. It worked this time.

Still waiting on a scanlation of Chapter 337 but there's a Colorful Bleach omake in which Hisagi GETS BURNED by Rangiku in a little breaking the fourth wall ad for the Bleach movie here. I laughed so much. Thank you as always to sanoiscari for the scoop.

Page 1 Rangiku, "Taichou! Taichou!" Hitsugaya, "What is it, you're so noisy Matsumoto." Rangiku, "Want to go for a movie?" Hitsugaya, "I won't, I'm in the middle of working." Rangiku, "Eeh, it's alright, isn't it? Let's take a break and go. It's interesting you know, something bad is going to happen to Kuchiki in this movie." Hitsugaya, "Something bad is going to happen to Kuchiki or not, I'm not interested. Don't say things like you're happy to see other's misfortune. Hisagi, "Oh? A movie? Sounds good, if it alright with me I will accompany you." Rangiku, "There's no ticket for you. I didn't call you so will you please don't stop and stand there? Wait, Renji!" Page 2 Renji, "What is it?" Rangiku, "I'm inviting Taichou to go watch a movie but haven't got an OK at all. I'll take you as well so help me persuade him. Something bad is going to happen to Kuchiki, you are interested, right? Hisagi, "......" Blushed Renji, "Let's go! Hitsugaya-Taichou! Something bad is going to happen to Rukia you know!" Hitsugaya, "I heard that already." Renji, "Y-you're not interested?" Hitsugaya, "Sorry but I don't think it means something like that." Rangiku, "Something terrible may happen to me as well <3" Hitsugaya, "You're always terrible." Hisagi, "I will also play a big part in serious moments!" Hitsugaya, "Is that so, good for you." Hisagi, "I'm going with my looks!" Hitsugaya, "Good luck." Hitsugaya, "Anyway I'm working so movie is a big no-no. If I can watch a movie then my job must have finished. So go ahead by yourself. TV, "This is our revenge!!!" Those italic words basically use the same kanji, '大変/taihen' but the meaning is quite different. Taihen literally means 'bad/danger/terrible/serious/enermous/ect' At first Rangiku really means literally that something bad/terrible/serious is going to happen to Rukia. But Renji mistook it as something perverted thus why Hitsugaya said, "I don't think it means something like that." Then Rangiku continued the pun, feel free to guess the meaning of her 'terrible' xD Hitsugaya replied her joke, "You're always terrible/making a ruckus" For Hisagi, his taihen means, "in serious moments" A bad one, I know that's why Hitsugaya is so cold to him xD Btw, the last kanji 草冠 literally means 'crown of grass' it may be someone's name or the movie's title, I don't know so I didn't put it xD

Oh, and I'm so relieved that my RenIshi doujinshi were not lost in the mail! They were returned to Japan and Spacey is sending them out again, so prize-winners of recent bleachness contest who had your eye on one of those will have to wait a little. I mailed out some prizes yesterday and will get in touch with other winners soon.

Stay tuned for announcements of more contests. Other people have agreed to sponsor contests with prizes if bleachness hosts, so there will be a contest for January and one for February, both for fic and art and both with nifty prizes.

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