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-Setsubun LoveLove Challenge-
Brought to you by the community, Shunsui-Nanao: 101 Years of Love 
 (A Fanfiction.Net Community)
- From the 1st of December to the 21st of December, we are hosting this
challenge to all who are interested.
- There are three categories: "Best One-shot", "Best Songfic", and "Best
Multi-chapter" (doesn't have to epic)
The winners of these categories will win a fanart based on their piece
created by Alexis1985. These winners will be announced on Christmas Day and
the rewards presented that same evening.
- There will also be one honorable mention for each category, for which the
author mentioned can make a request for a fic in the category that they were
mentioned in.
- Our judges for this challenge are Jitsu-Jitsu-Jitsu and Brighit R. Gauthier (ab_jaded).
As they normally don't write Shunsui/Nanao (at least in English) they are perfect for judging fics submitted.
Now, onto the rules!

Learn More Here
Tags: contest, nanao, shunsui
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