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Bleach 336 - El Verdugo

This is a chapter talk, as I used to make them in my LJ. I posted it in my LJ and Deb wanted to link it, but since my LJ is friends-only...

All the pics are in thumbnail, as usual.


This has been quite a shocking chapter, I have to say it; however, I wonder why the violence shocks us so much? Because, I remember when that Fraccion was beheaded by Kira, no one complained, yet it was also very disturbing. Truth it, it shocks us that the target are two shinigami this time - more than that, female ones!

However, despite me being shocked, this is a good chapter. Not because two of the good guys get pwn, actually, but because the pacing is extremely well-done - switching from Ran/Momo to Ukitake and leaving no blank space. 

And, more importantly, this is certainly a turning point chapter. Which makes it even more enoyable. I wonder why Bleach only ranked 4th this week? Because it was much better than any #1st ranked Bleach chapter in a while.

And, let's say it right now, the characters rule. All their reactions reminds me why I love them all; Ran, even if she felt overwhelmed, even if she was one-shot, didn't hesitate to call out Haineko. Momo immediately reacted, helping her without even thinking, trying to help her and heal her ASAP. And even when she was scared to death by the Executioner, she didn't falter, didn't try to run away and tried to fight.

You see, for me to like a character, I don't need them to succeed. I only need them to try. And Momo sure tries hard in this chapter. Seeing her getting worried over Ran really shown how great she is. Because, I guess, everyone focus on how kind Inoue is - yet nearly all the Bleach girls are really, truly kind. So it's great that Kubo shows us those faces of worry for friends - kindness is not only the prerogative of one girl!

However, for me who loves Ran very dearly, it's hard to see her in this state ;_____; I fear not though. Not because Kubo won't kill a good character and because he loves Ran, but simply because Ran still has lots to do, to overcome, so it's not the time for her yet.

Next, Kubo switches to Ukitake.

And while many wondered last week if Ukitake could win, I had no worries. I knew that, soft-heartened as he was, he didn't want to hurt that Fraccion who looked so young and inexperienced.

And, boy, he was right. I think most people underestimate Ukitake all the freaking time, saying he's dying (HOW?) of illness. He ain't. He's always been sick - born with sickness and yet he's been a captain for that long. He's strong, and experienced. Such a fraccion can't shake him off. Although, I think she can give him some hard time next week, because I guess that she will release. And he still won't want to fight her, so his troubles may come from there. Looking for next week :33
But Ukitake was really awesome in those few pages :333

And then, Kubo switches again (the pacing Kubo! Me love it!! :333).

And we realize that Momo, all worried that she was for her friend, let herself be in big troubles. The Executioner is facing her, and, as she realizes this herself, she let us see her scared-to-death face. Yet, she already had her hand on her hilt, ready to fight even know she feels that she's overwhelmed and overpowered. 

Yes, she's been one-shot too. BUT SHE DIDN'T FALTER. She didn't let fear drive her actions. She showed her strong will, and how awesome she could be. I hated her in ch224, thank you Kubo for making me love her again. Yes, I hated her selfish request to Hitsu, but this Momo is the Momo I love!

Is this really sexism?

I know a lot of my friends are upset about this, yet when I saw it, I GIGGLED. AND I DON'T EVEN SHIP THEM.

I truly didn't see it as sexism. Kubo would be sexist IF he didn't treat the guys the same way (BUT HE DOES, remember Ichigo and Ishida?). Yeah, it's Shuuhei and Kira who showed up, so what exactly? 

Did people really expect Nanao to show up? I expect Nanao to show up either beside Shunsui, either to meet up with Risa. There, it's said. That's what I always thought. What are the others doing? You have one being all down, his lover best friend staying with him. There's Komamura, but he's probably busy too. Yamaji and his VC... do you expect them to show up for this? Shuuhei and Kira were 'free', Matsu and Momo were at 2 VS 3, plus add the emotional attachement those two have for the girls... of course they'd show up, of course they want to look cool (come on, GUYS DO THAT IN FRONT OF THE GIRL THEY LOVE). Plus, Kira was really awesome when he used the exact same kidou than Momo used right before to help Matsu.

Shuuhei and Kira showing up IS AWESOME guys! Not because they love the girls (it's still a great point that Kubo didn't forget where their hearts lie - and let's be FAIR, it's natural), but because THE FOUR WHO HAVE BEEN BETRAYED ARE THERE!!! I don't think they'll pull it of though - I DO EXPECT THE VIZARDS TO SHOW UP XD
Why? All the healers are either in HM or unable to heal. Who's left? HACHI. He knows his limits, but I don't doubt that he'll heal anyone in need of his skills. 
This is why this chapter is a turning point. Beside being GREAT, I feel that a lot can happen from now on. Bleach is being exciting!!!

Also, about Gin, no, I don't expect him to do anything. I think many see him as a potential traitor, but I don't think so. His attachement to Aizen is stronger than any attachement he may have for anyone else. He won't try to save Matsu - they're enemies, they know it well. He copes with it quite well I guess. It's interesting that he hasn't been showed reacting to Matsumoto once, when he was shown being evil to Rukia and somehow interested in Kira's fate. It's quite curious actually, but I think that Kubo makes a point: Gin does not care about Ran in that way, he never did. That's what I always thought, even though I do like GinRan for it being the tragic couple of Bleach. She, who loved him, could not reach him enough to make him feel the same way. Although she was close, he was sad that she couldn't. That's what their duet says. However, I do expect them to meet again - maybe Kubo is saving that for later, but I still don't see Gin helping Matsu or betraying Aizen.

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