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IshiHime Doujin, Contest Prizes Update

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate!
Here's a gift for you. RoadMark, an Ishida and Orihime doujin, rated G, lovely artwork

It's one of the doujinshi chiave_trust chose as her prize for being a winner in the recent
bleachness birthdays contest.  I haven't gotten in touch with all of you winners yet, but those who came in with the most votes get first dibs at the goodies. I'll be in touch with the rest of you very soon and requesting your snail mail addresses so I can send you your prizes. Those of you who want RenIshi stuffs will have to wait, though. Spacey thinks my package was returned to him in Japan because he got a slip for the post the other day, and so he will have to mail my doujinshi out YET AGAIN. t___t

Translators want a go at the IshiHime doujin?

Stay tuned. I'm doodling some Bleach and food drabbles, skimming around for arts, and December is going to hit the bleach fandom like WAAAH with the merchandise for the Fade to Black movie. Not to mention a Kubo interview at Jump Festa, the anticipated IchiRuki Bleach Beat duet and many, many other goodies.

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