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What do you expect of Hinamori?

I dunno, maybe it was the second or third time I made fandom_wank but I once made a post on soul_society asking why couldn't I bash a two-dimensional character? (The very question was wanky, apparently) Unlike real people, manga characters don't care what I write about them. I was pissed off at Hinamori Momo. After Mayuri, she's the only character in Bleach I ever wished dead.

But Momo survived Aizen's stabby-stabby to make little Captain Grumpy Pants even grumpier. How COULD she? How could she betray her childhood friend for an illusion? I didn't bash her on forums because after hearing others do it, I felt the old chokehold of feminist issues. WHY IS THAT WHINEY WOMENS IN LOVE PISS PEOPLE OFF SO MUCH?

The last we saw of Momo in omake before her triumphant recent return to the battle field she was baking cookies and literally swooning at the mention of Aizen's name. I mean, YUCK. I had to cheer when Momo appeared on the stage again after two long years because ... I want to love her. I want her to redeem herself. I want her to recover from psychological torture.

Some fandom opinions on Momo. From Naruto forums, where the fanbois bash everyone much to my delight, here's a funny thread:
How Bleach Characters Handle It When Love Goes Wrong

A different take from my smart friend laurie_bunter:
Momo Musings

Poll #1302240 Perfectly Useless MOMO Poll

So, what's gonna happen with Momo in the manga? (check as many as you like)

Her job is to make Hitsugaya lose his concentration so he can lose to Halibel with some angst and not too much embarrassment for his fans
Her job is to inspire a humungous power-up of YES SHE BELIEVE IN HER SHIRO-CHAN lurve in Hitsugaya
One glimpse of Aizen-taichou and Momo is Peach Cobbler--you can feed her to Omaeda, she's that useless.
She'll have an onstage trial with her trauma and finally overcome her lingering blinding love for Aizen
She will fuck up and have to be rescued by Hitsugaya
Matsumoto, not she, will come to Hitsugaya's aid and we'll have the Orihime-is-jealous-of-the-other-woman song again
She'll be awesome, setting the stage for Orihime to get over Ichigo and fire Tsubaki
She'll be awesome, setting the stage for Orihime to get Ichigo's attention and fight beside him and show that only fiesty proactive girls not whiney ones can win love
She'll be instrumental in spooking the dickens out of Aizen somehow---look out, Sousuke, the girl knows all your tricks
Kubo takes a cue from Kishimoto and kills off a beloved character--Momo has nothing left to do in the story anyway

ETA: renki_chan requested an quicker to download version of the IshiHime present from me, Justine, and Mezz that went to
bleachness members last week. Here it is in JPEGs:http://www.sendspace.com/file/ewpyb7
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