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Contest Winners!


Happy birthday to me! The husband claims he doesn't have to spring for a cake if I'm enjoying my little contest so much. Thank you to all the participants. The real winner here is me because I get to throw the confetti and give out the prizes. I wish I could give trinkets and doujin to everyone who last year wrote me a warm letter of thanks for my stories or gave me a nod in a comment here and there. Just know that I honestly appreciate your kind words. Thanks for making fandom fun for me. I never needed it so much as I have this year. As some of you know, my little daughter has been seriously ill these past months, and many nights just logging onto LJ was my only break. "What are you doing? You should be in bed," the husband would say.

I'm playing with my damn cartoon people and I need to, okay?  Newsflash: FANDOM IS CHEAPER THAN PSYCHOTHERAPY.

Love to you all for entertaining me!  *blows kisses around*

Again, I'm just so impressed by the guality of the fanwork represented here. And really proud too, like the good Jewish Mama I am.

Draw Ishida Category

Four winners: Turn Your Eyes Skyward by


  ,Untitled(Ishida and Orihime) by


Happy Birthday!


  and Two of Us Beneath This Sky by


  (picture here)

IshiHime Fanfic Category

Three winners: Sweet Dreams by


  , Pocky Kisses by


 and Yoga Lessons by



RenIshiHime Challenge Category

Two winners:

Three's Company by


 and Heaven by



IshiHime Graphics Category

One winner: The Princess and The Dragon icons by



I'll be in touch with the winners later this week regarding addresses and prizes. If you had your eye on one of RenIshi doujinshi that Spacey got for me, you may have to wait. I haven't gotten them in the mail (and I'm so worried they're lost! But Space says they're coming!)

And if we're all into Bleach next November, we'll do it again, okay?  Maybe I'll have a little Valentine's Day Contest. Maybe next year I'll have a judged category and a popular poll. Maybe one day there will be a red carpet and acceptance speeches and the networks will cover the awards? XD XD XD XD XD

Yes, there will be cake today.  And Indian take-out.

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