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FOUR MORE DAYS! Voting Deadline Reminder

The voting polls for the Bleachness Birthdays contest will close this Tuesday, Nov. 18, at 12 midnight, CST. LiveJournal will be down for maintenance part of that day, so be sure to get your votes in. The fic categories need some love so read some of fics this weekend if you can and give them your votes. You can vote for as many entries as you want in each category.

Tight race in the art categories! So many lovely entries.

Links and poll for Draw Ishida category Part ONE here

Links and poll for Draw Ishida category Part TWO here

Current tie in the IshiHime fic category. All the fics hit the spot.

Links and poll for IshiHime fanfic category

THE FOLLOWING CATEGORY NEEDS LOVE. Truly, it's not all squicky sex! There are some gorgeous funny stories here.

Links and poll for RenIshiHime fanfic challenge category

The icons are for the taking! Credit the makers!

Links and poll for IshiHime graphics category
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