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Chapter 334 "Dregs of Hypnosis"

Chapter 334 Dregs of Hypnosis at OneManga

He sure was mean to Hinamori and that little look of surprise on his face in this chapter makes my day. HA! Thought you'd destroyed her completely eh? Gin's little merry face is worth a squee too--because I adore the Aizen/Gin, Mr. and Mrs. Hueco Mundo, the teasing couple of Evil.

MOMO! She's back! And she doesn't have bags under her eyes! If Momo can come back after having been so utterly wrecked and used, then there's nothing that should be able to bring me down this week! Kubo--don't be cruel and knock her down again! I see what you're doing there--in having Rangiku showing doubt (more like OH FUCK, SOMEONE LET THE GIRL OUT!) and Hitsugaya remembering how vulnerable she was at their last meeting but...

Momo, prove yourself.

I've waited two years.

If you don't go back to bed a quivering mess, then neither will I! *feminist armpump*

This may strike some people as clique-y and whatnot, but remember, this is MY journal and not some community conceived with a broader goal of serving the larger bleach fandom like soul_society so I can blow kisses to my buds in here when I want. And I want.

Why? Yesterday I was looking over some old art of mine from 2005 with some friends on MSN and laughing over how badly I draw hands and feet and how much I HAVEN'T improved, and I got all nostalgic for my early days (as well as for last week) in Bleach fandom. ..There used to be an active community called bleach_bard where members took prompts from Shakespeare to do fanwork. I drew Ishida as Hamlet and I was so in love with a manga about being and not being called Bleach. ..When I worried about my parenting, I wondered if I was falling more on the Isshin side of the spectrum than on the Ryuuken side. ..Once upon a time I thought Hueco Mundo would be made of snow and ice... I thought Ururu was a robot... I had one friend who'd been in the fandom early enough to have fallen in love with Good Guy Aizen and it was taking her MONTHS to recover from his betrayal--I swear, she was worse off than Kira or Momo. .. I remembered learning what BNF stood for and the fit of self-consciousness that followed. .. I read massive amounts of yaoi and wondered about the depth and breadth of female sexuality. .. I sewed a voodoo plushie doll to look like the one Szayel made of Ishida.

In short, I was a stoooopid fangirl. But I made some marvelous friends along the way. And guess what? We don't talk about Bleach!

ileenka  isn't really in the fandom anymore but I love you, honey, for the vibrant brilliant person you are. hidden_gems has been the most decent, faithful and true person I've known online. And here, let me embarrass vesperh with some vague praise as well. Her friendship has been a blessing. escarboucle has always helped me keep a cheerful perspective and wicked_liz ,laurie_bunter  and metaphore_art  were greater comforts in times of sadness than they know. ananosa , we're friends thanks to Allah and Baruch HaShem. r0ck3tsci3ntist , you're my sensei and thank you for art pencils and soup!  There are some of you I can't thank enough for all you've done for me but I'm just happy you indulge me: sanoiscari , melody_mix ,mezzo_marinaio  laurabryannan  never fails to inspire me and andrew_jp can always make me smile. I know I'm leaving some of you out but I have to stop typing now.  I know that old-time fen know this feeling but I've been in fandoms less than 10 years and I'm boggled by the fellowship at the moment. Thanks, Bleach. Thanks for the cartoon people but thank you for the real people more.

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