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Title: Orihime Explains It All -- Part IV
Author: nehalenia
Characters: Orihime, Renji, Ishida
Rating: NC17
Warnings: teasing, smexing, threesome, het + yaoi, reiraku shibori
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. If I did, Episode 193 would have had Renishi fanservice out the wazoo.
Summary: Orihime has always wondered what it would feel like to get really, really angry. Ishida gives her the chance.
Authors note: Finally! The smex and the last part! Much love to Ishida-kun, my favorite Bleach character to torment, and thanks to _debbiechan_ for hosting the contest! (Writing het is hard, darn it! Hopefully Uryuu enjoyed himself. ^__^)

Part I

Part II

Part III

“Do you know, I think I’ve figured out what your problem is, Uryuu.”

Even if she was the Number Three girl in her section at Karakura High School, Orihime was still rather proud of herself for working this out, if only because she had done it in the presence of such overwhelming distractions. The image of Ishida-kun naked and tied up with pretty red ribbons, his slim body straining against the supernatural bonds, his dark blue eyes both angry and pleading, would have been enough to addle most people; add to that a tall, muscular warrior with exotic tattoos and a waterfall of fiery hair who seemed hell-bent on making Ishida-kun scream with pleasure, and Orihime doubted that anyone watching could have cobbled two thoughts together. Yet somehow, even while watching Renji kiss and bite and stroke and pinch and probe until Uryuu was practically weeping, she had figured it out.

“You think too much, Uryuu,” she told him softly, shifting closer until one of her knees was between his open thighs, and she could feel the heat of his throbbing erection against her skin. She tipped Uryuu’s face up with one hand under his chin, stroked the sweaty hair away from his cheeks and then leaned in to kiss him, soft and deep. At first his mouth was slack beneath hers, but when her tongue teased his, he gave a faint groan and responded. “You think too much with this,” she elaborated as she drew back from the kiss, tapping him on the forehead. “With your brain.”

“I don’t think he was thinking much with this, either,” Renji grunted, and Orihime felt her face heat up when she glanced down to see his big fist sliding up and down Ishida’s swollen length. “Otherwise,” Renji added, “we wouldn’t have had to tie him up to get him naked.”

“No, not that either,” Orihime agreed with a small laugh, reaching down to stroke the moist, silky tip with one finger. Ishida made a choking sound when she did that, but when she smiled at him and licked the moisture off her finger tip, Ishida whimpered like a kicked dog and let his head fall back against Renji’s shoulder. “What you’re not thinking with, Uryuu,” she told him, “is this,” and she pressed her finger into the center of his sweat-slick chest. “Your heart.”

“But that’s—not logical,” Ishida panted, tipping his head up just enough to meet her eyes. “I can’t—think any other way.”

“You need to stop talking if you’re just going to keep saying stupid stuff like that,” Renji snorted, and pressed two fingers into Ishida’s mouth when he started to protest. “Suck on those,” Renji whispered, his tongue dancing up Ishida’s neck to his ear. “Get ‘em nice and wet.” Ishida tried to mumble something anyway, but then moaned and closed his mouth around Renji’s fingers as the Shinigami bit into his neck.

Orihime squirmed as she watched them, but she refused to be distracted. She had something important to say.

“But you aren’t always logical, Ishida-kun,” she pointed out, moving closer. “In Las Noches, all you were trying to do was rescue me, right? You told everyone that was the only reason you went. But when you knew Renji was in trouble, you broke through a wall and saved him. Even though it meant you had to delay rescuing me. That wasn’t logical. That was thinking with your heart. But it was the right thing to do.”

“You said you hated Shinigami,” she went on, scooting even closer. The heat from Ishida’s and Renji’s bodies felt delicious, and she shivered as the back of Renji’s arm grazed her breast. “You said you hated Kurosaki-kun,” she went on, even as she felt Renji’s hand slide on to her waist and up until he was cupping her right breast and his thumb was circling her nipple. “But—but you ended up saving his life, even—even though it meant you got hurt.

“Don’t you see, Uryuu?” Orihime said, pressing against Ishida as Renji’s arm went around her and drew her in. “Some things aren’t logical. They’re just right. Like this.”

Ishida’s knee was conveniently between her legs, and she rubbed against it, sliding her moist crotch over his kneecap and along his lean thigh. Uryuu groaned when she did this and tried to move, shifting his leg to try and give her more stimulation. She closed her eyes and grabbed his shoulders, holding tight to him as she rocked her hips.

“See how good this is?” she whispered. “Doesn’t this feel good?”

“Feel even better in a second,” Renji said, and then Ishida hissed and she felt him go stiff, arching against her.

“Ah—Abarai!” he panted, and Orihime held onto him, knowing that Renji had to be preparing him. The thought of what Renji was doing aroused her even more than she had been, and the feel of Ishida’s hard cock leaking against her thigh made her head spin. She reached down to take him in hand, stroking him slowly and teasing his slit with her fingernail. She wanted this – wanted to take him deep inside while she wrapped her legs around both men; wanted to feel the three of them rocking together in one embrace – but she wanted one thing even more.

“When I went to Las Noches,” she said softly, “I was trying to protect all of you. And then when I found out you’d come to rescue me—when I thought Sado-kun and Kuchiki-san had died, and when Kurosaki-kun was hurt so badly – I was so sad. I hadn’t meant for any of that to happen. But then, just before you all came for me, I realized that you couldn’t have done anything else; that I would have done the same thing.

“Do you know how it felt to me, Uryuu, when we were all together again? It felt like each of your hearts was inside my chest; that each of you was a part of me. And I thought—I thought it felt that way for everyone else, too.” Orihime paused and tilted her head, peering into Ishida’s eyes to make sure he was listening, that he was really hearing her. “Before that moment,” she went on, “I guess I thought like you did; that love was a small thing, that each of us only had enough of it for one special person. But after that moment, I realized how big love can really be. I saw the way Kurosaki-kun looked at Rukia, and the way Sado-kun was looking at Kurosaki, and the way Renji looked at you, and how you smiled back at him and—and I don’t think I’d ever seen you smile like that before, Uryuu. And—and I knew what each of us felt for the others, because—I could feel it, too. Do you understand what I’m saying, Uryuu?”

Ishida’s eyes were very wide and dark, his pupils so dilated they were almost black, and he was trembling like a cord stretched to its very limit, but she knew from the way that he was looking at her that yes, he understood.

“Ori—Orihime,” he whispered, but seemed unable to say anymore.

“After that,” she said, reaching up to stroke his cheek, “how could we ask each other to choose? How could we imagine giving each other up? Do you see?”

For a moment Ishida said nothing at all, then he closed his eyes and tipped his head back.

“Abarai,” he said. “Please—untie me.”

Orihime felt the silky touch of Renji’s hair as he bent over Ishida’s shoulder. There was sweat beading on his shoulders, and his eyes were the color of dark cherry amber.

“You promise you’re not going to run away, or do anything else stupid? Or logical?”

“I won’t leave you,” Ishida answered. “But like this—I can’t hold you two.”

Orihime felt an electric thrill go through her skin and deep inside, but it wasn’t the flicker of power as the spirit threads unwound from Ishida and vanished. It was that feeling again – the one from Las Noches; the one that told Orihime that more than her own heart was racing in her breast. Just like that, one of Ishida’s arms was around her, holding her tight, even as the other reached back to wind around Renji’s neck.

She wasn’t quite sure how it happened, or how it was even possible, but she knew that if she could feel more than one heart beating inside her, then somehow, she could feel each of them touching and kissing the other. She could feel all their arms tangling together, their mouths trading kisses, feel the delicious way Ishida sank inside her as she wrapped her legs around his waist just as she somehow felt Renji growling as he pulled Ishida back and pushed inside.

She cried out both their names just as they called out hers and each others, just as her small hands clutched both their shoulders and swam in their soft hair while they rocked inside each other, just as the three of them gasped and struggled and slipped and laughed and finally found the rhythm they needed. Orihime knew it was Ishida surging inside her, filling her up, but she couldn’t tell whose kisses were whose, or whose fingers tugged her nipples, or spanned her waist, or grasped her buttocks or teased her clit, but it didn’t matter. It only mattered that she was riding a wild wave of love and pleasure, and that her friends/lovers/nakama could feel it, too – the same, huge wave – through her, and through each other.

Orihime wasn’t sure which of them went over first, or if it even mattered. Her climax was almost incidental to her. It was strong and deep as a rush of sweet water, but it wasn’t just the clench of inner muscles, the tingle through her skin, the swimming in her head that made it so good. It was hearing Renji’s ragged breath get deeper and faster as his thrusts became wilder and harder, it was feeling Uryuu thrash and arch with his head thrown back and his mouth torn open, one hand clutching her hair and the other tangled in Renji’s locks. It was feeling all of Uryuu’s muscles tense as he unravelled inside her, and feeling it echo through Renji, who clutched both of them hard, and roared with his final thrust. It was feeling their three hearts seize together as if they were one, just before Uryuu slumped forward with a small whimper, his head sliding from her shoulder down to her breast as he fell and pulled them both down.

They were all still tangled together when Orihime blinked at the ceiling as the room stopped spinning. She shook her head to clear it, and gingerly pushed up on one elbow. She found Renji also propped up on one arm, watching Ishida with a lopsided smile. His strange, reddish eyes warmed when he saw her, and he pressed a finger to his lips, then pointed down at Ishida, who appeared to be either asleep or simply unconscious. Orihime shook her hair from her face and leaned closer, peering at Ishida, then looking up at Renji.

“Do you think,” she whispered, “that he understood? Did I—did I say it right, Abarai-kun? Did I make sense?”

“Oh, I think he got the message,” Renji said with a soft chuckle, stroking the back of his fingers gently over Ishida’s cheekbone. “Trust me. He’s going to remember this birthday for a long, long time.”

“Good,” Orihime nodded. She smiled when Renji reached over to ruffle her hair and draw her in so that the two of them once again had Ishida sandwiched between them.

“Happy Birthday, Uryuu,” she whispered, snuggling close and sighing happily as she and Renji both wound their arms around him. She tucked her head against Ishida’s chest and listened to the even rhythm of his heart; the heart which was also hers, and also Renji’s, and which belonged to the others as well. The heart that was one, and three, and six, and one again – but never one alone.

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