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Title: Orihime Explains It All -- Part III
Author: nehalenia
Characters: Orihime, Renji, Ishida
Rating: R (and heading into NC17 territory)
Warnings: teasing, smexing, threesome, het + yaoi, reiraku shibori
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. If I did, Episode 193 would have had Renishi fanservice out the wazoo.
Summary: Orihime has always wondered what it would feel like to get really, really angry. Ishida gives her the chance.
Authors note: Argh, as usual, I end up writing more than I intend! So, now it's a 3-parter 4-parter. (Only 4 parts, I swear!) Finally, the smexing begins! Much love to Ishida-kun, my favorite Bleach character to torment (as this part might indicate), and thanks to _debbiechan_ for hosting the contest!

Part I

Part II

Inoue Orihime knew she wasn’t perfect – nobody could be, when you got right down to it – but she’d always tried her best to be a good girl: helpful, studious, cheerful, agreeable. Tatsuki had told her once, a bit ruefully perhaps, that she didn’t have a mean bone in her body, but from the way Ishida Uryuu was looking at her just now, you would have thought she was one of those mean Arrancar girls, or something. His blue eyes were very wide behind his glasses, his face was paler than usual and his mouth was open, like he was about to say something but had completely lost his train of thought. He finally blinked and glanced over at Renji, then back at her.

“Inoue-san,” he stammered, “you—you can’t be serious! You can’t mean what—I think you mean.”

Orihime was starting to think that maybe—just maybe—Tatsuki was wrong. Maybe she did have just the tiniest mean bone in her body – a finger bone, perhaps – because the way Ishida was acting, almost like he was frightened of her, didn’t upset her. In fact, it was making her feel rather warm and tingly. She decided that she liked Ishida-kun looking flustered, and if that was mean, well, so be it.

“Of course I’m serious,” she smiled, leaning in closer, which made Ishida gulp and try to back away. He stopped abruptly, however, and when he looked up to see what was impeding his retreat, he found Renji leering down at him.

“You’re not going anywhere, Quincy,” Renji informed him smugly. “Not to Nara, not to the corner store, not even to the damn bathroom. Not till we’ve had our say.”

Ishida gaped at him, then stared back at Orihime, looking more panicked than ever.

“No,” he faltered, a single bead of sweat sliding from his hairline down the side of his face. “You can’t—we can’t do this! It’s—it’s wrong!”

“Wrong?” Orihime huffed, affronted once more. “How can you say something like that, Ishida-kun! Didn’t you learn anything in Hueco Mundo? If we truly care about each other, how can something like this be wrong?” With that, she took his face in both hands and stopped his stammering lips with a kiss. Whenever they’d kissed before, she had waited for him to take the lead, waiting to feel the tip of his shy tongue part her lips before responding, but this time, she pushed into his mouth, seizing it just as she’d seized his face. She felt his gasp as she took possession of his mouth, felt the way he stiffened against her, but then, as if he couldn’t help himself, Ishida gave a breathy little moan and pressed his tongue to hers.

For a moment, Orihime thought Ishida would give in and she would win her argument very handily, but of course, this was Ishida-kun, and nothing was ever that simple. Just as she felt he might relax and yield to the inevitable, she felt him jerk away from her mouth and start to struggle.

“Ishida-kun?” She pulled back enough to see what had upset him and felt a flush of warmth, like very hot tea was being poured inside her, when she saw that Renji had hold of Ishida’s shoulders and that his lips and teeth were fastened on the most sensitive part of Ishida’s neck.

“Stop! Ah—ah, stop it!” Ishida panted, eyes so wide he looked close to being hysterical. He tried to twist away from Renji’s mouth and grasp, which made the Shinigami rear back with a glare.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” he demanded, his tone both irritated and confused. “You always liked that before?”

“No no no no no!” Ishida blithered, as close to incoherence as Orihime had ever heard him. He wrenched himself away from Renji, falling over to the side and then trying to struggle to his feet. “We can’t—can’t do this! It’s not right—it just isn’t!”

Before Orihime could do anything, Renji growled in annoyance, reached out, grabbed Ishida by the collar, yanked him back and smacked him upside the head. Ishida reeled, but when his head whipped back, he at least wasn’t gibbering anymore. Instead, his eyes were blazing with anger.

“Why the hell did you do that!” Ishida fumed.

“Because you're being a total idiot!” Renji yelled back.

“I’m not an idiot!”

“The hell you aren’t!” Renji snorted, giving him another shake just for good measure. “Look at yourself, would you? A gorgeous woman,” he jerked his head at Orihime, “and a hot guy both wanna sex you up just to show you how much they care about your sorry ass, and you’re trying to get away! What kind of moron does that?”

“I am not a moron!” Ishida shouted, now sounding more offended than angry.

“Well then you must be a coward,” Renji growled at him, “because those are the only two options I can think of! So which is it, Quincy?” he grinned as Ishida turned bright red and stiffened like an angry cat.

“I am not going to be insulted like this,” Ishida hissed through his teeth, but when he tried to get to his feet and stomp away, glowing red ribbons materialized out of the air, tangling his legs so that he tripped and fell flat on his face.

“Abarai!” Ishida howled, as the crimson cords tethered his ankles and tied his wrists behind his back.

“That’s—that’s reiraku!” Orihime gasped as the glowing ribbons snaked over the struggling Quincy. “It’s—it’s so pretty!”

“Yeah?” Renji cocked his head at her, sounding pleased. “Yeah, I guess it is. Heh. But you know what’s even prettier?” he grinned.

“Abarai, let me go!” Ishida raged. Half his face was pressed into the carpet and his glasses had been knocked askew, but his glare was so hot it threatened to singe the air. For some reason, though, it made Orihime want to giggle.

“Watch this,” Renji told her, acting like Ishida hadn’t even spoken. The big Shinigami turned his attention back to Ishida, furrowed his brow, and started to mutter something. When Ishida saw what he was doing, he stopped struggling and his eyes went wide.

“Oh no! Don’t you dare! Don’t—Abarai!”

Renji closed his eyes very tightly and Orihime thought she heard him mumble something about the number ‘fifteen’, then the air started to sparkle around Ishida. It was so intense that Orihime thought it must be what being mobbed by fairies looks like. She gasped at the sudden burst of light, and then gasped again – this time in both surprise and delight – because just like that, all of Ishida’s clothes were gone.

“I am going to kill you!” Ishida roared at Renji, struggling anew.

“Oh no, you’re not,” Renji chuckled, reaching over to pluck the glasses off Ishida’s face and toss them aside. “Not once Orhime and I are done with you, you’re not.”

He took Ishida by the shoulders and pulled him to his knees, and Orihime clapped both hands over her mouth to keep from squealing because Ishida was naked and flushed and lovely, and just seeing him like that – especially seeing him with his hands pulled behind his back – made her feel gooey inside, like she was one of those sweet cordial candies with a liquid center.

“Now watch this,” Renji smirked, still steadying Ishida by the shoulders. She could tell that Ishida-kun was deeply embarrassed because his face was nearly as red as the spirit threads that bound him, and normally she would have felt sorry for him; but not this time. This time, she thought his embarrassment was not only well deserved, but very—very becoming. Even the way he hung his head and tried to hide behind his hair made her feel bubbly inside, and the sensation intensified as she let her eyes travel down his slender body. When she followed that neat trail of fine hair down to its treasure and saw that Ishida was already looking far more interested than he would have ever admitted, the blood coursing through Orihime’s body felt like champagne. Just looking at Ishida-kun like this made her feel light-headed, and when more of Renji’s spirit threads started to slither over his pale body, she suddenly knew what it must feel like to be drunk.

“Oh, Abarai-kun!” she sighed in admiration as the blood-colored ribbons wound their way around Ishida’s narrow body. They collared his throat and twisted down the center of his body, separating to wind around the base of his swelling penis and disappear between his legs. She heard Ishida catch his breath at that, saw his teeth sink into his lower lip, and she had to sit back on her heels because the sight and sound of this was making her dizzy. The spirit threads came back around and criss-crossed Ishida’s torso, making a pretty, scarlet cats-cradle, then twisted themselves into delicate knots which pressed tight against his nipples as the spirit threads continued to bind him. Ishida moaned and tossed his head back as the cords constricted a little, and the way he sounded made Orihime’s nipples stand up and started a throbbing between her legs.

“Do you like it?” came a low voice at her ear and warm breath against her shoulder.

“It’s beautiful,” she giggled, turning to see Renji smiling at her, and without a thought she pushed her hands into his long, loose hair and kissed him. Their tongues flickered against each other, and she sighed as she felt his arms squeeze her close. She could tell he was just as excited as Ishida, and the feel of the bulge in his jeans pressing against her made her squirm.

“Y’know,” he said, a little breathlessly as he pulled back from the kiss and glanced at Ishida, “I figured that since it’s still his birthday, something ought to be gift-wrapped, right?”

“He looks really nice like that,” Orihime concurred, feeling that one, miniscule evil bone start to hum inside her. To be honest, Ishida didn’t exactly look nice. He looked luscious and desperate and sexy and miserable and delicious, and she wanted to touch him and taste him and hear him moan all at once. She cocked her head at Renji and gave him a questioning smile. “When do we get to open him?”

“How about right now?” Renji offered in a voice that was as much a purr as a growl. Both of them turned and fastened their frankly predatory gazes on Ishida at once, and when Orihime saw the color drain from his face even as his erection flushed a deeper pink and twitched with interest, she couldn’t keep back a giggle. Even she was surprised to find that it sounded just a little like a growl.

this way to Part IV
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