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Chpt 333 Ash & Salamader, Ep 193 Where's the Blood? and Contest Update

First of all, THANK YOU EVERYBODY for your generous response to the contest!  That was fun.Last year and this one,  I loved watching the community spammed with all your talent and love for Ishida.  I was surprised there weren't more crack pairings in the art category or even IchiIshi arts (which I love) so I thank you all for pandering to my particular favorites (I've been all about IshiHime and RenIshi this past year, no matter how pansexual I can be with Ishida---Ishida x bag of skittles is great by me). So thank you, thank you for indulging my crazy way of celebrating my own birthday as well as Ishida's.

Voting is still to come. Expect more details this weekend.

I'll be making four separate posts that will each include a voting poll for each category.  I'll link all eligible entries in the poll posts. If you didn't finish your entry ( looking at YOU, Neha! XD), would like to make another celebratory offering to the Ishida orgy, or want to add colors or sequels or updates to existing entries, don't hesitate to post or announce the changes here.  Late entries are loved ... and there's also POCKY DAY (11/11) which I've recently found out about and my own Scorpio birthday (11/19) as excuses to MAKE ART AND FIC AND DO SPAZZY FANSTUFFS  These entries will just not be eligible for prizes or counted in the voting is all but there will still count as part of the CELEBRATING..

I'm really so happy with this community, even though it's caught its share of flak, because it continues to be such a lively place where people share their talent and opinions.  It started out as just me and my friends but it's gotten really huge and I'm sometimes scared to post but then someone will make a comment about being intimidated by the smart people here--and I'll just go PSHAWWW,  but but but we are DORKS. 

Thank you all for your entries. And please, keep in mind, people, for the sake of future contests, some of my friends here do professional art and writing work when they're not squeeing about Bleach, but don't let their quality work stop you from making contributions to this community--the point of any and every contest is to generate fanwork we can all enjoy. I've learned my lesson vis a vis my own art (which sucks ditchwatcher compared to the best fanwork here) that dipshit comments without constructive criticism ("debbiechan can't draw") shouldn't get me down--I'm in this for the love of my fandom, I'm not commissioning murals.

I'm glad that we have enough entries for me to give away plenty prizes!.


Chapter 333 Ash and Salamander right chere

What's  this shit about Soi Fong saying she just used her best move? Total lie. The bitch has ban kai and probably a few dozen other secret special forces moves.  Is she going to use any of them against BARRAGAN? I'm totally in love with her bitchslapping around Omaeda--love the two, sue me, but I'm a fool for abusive manga love. Shinji and Hiyori get to me like this, not to mention when Ichigo first kicked Rukia in the butt I knew he was going to fall in love with her. Hey, maybe I'll ship Soi and Omaeda? *thinks about it* Uh... no....

Moving right along.  The fireball cliffie.  The speculation at BA and from 69 who provided the originalspoiler was that it's from Himamori. That would be sweet. Momo is a popular character after all and we haven't seen her for what--TWO YEARS? It's about time to pick up that stitch, Kubo. And it would be great to see Momo coming out of her love coma and fighting again--that would be an awesome prelude to Orihime growing some balls, er ... being able to shoot Tsubkaki and getting back into the self-confidence game.

I don't think the fireball comes from Gin. That would be too romantic. Although, OMG, that would be awesome..

Okay, did you guys see the anime?  I'm watching it again because the fillers are over and I was looking forward to this episode 19 3 because of the RenIshi. WHAT HAPPENED?  Renji didn't take Ishida into his arms! He didn't flail around and worry about his being all right. Where was all that passionate concern.  He walked over to a freshly-molested Ishida who'd just been spit out of Szayel's tentacle grasp and said "Hay, you okay?"  Argh! I thought the anime loved yaoi fanservice! Or does it only fanservice IchiIshi and Kenpachi and Byakuya (remember the sparkes between that pair?)

And the censoring of Szayel continues, which I expected.  At least Ishida got to moan in protest a good bit while being molested and Perriot left in the "mmm good taste" remark" from Szayel and even played up the whole Imma goona poke you in the butt little dolly and freak out Renji scene right before the Ishida doll fell apart and it looked like some plushie sodomizing was going on... but then!  Ishida didn't vomit blood! Where was the blood!  He looked like he spit up! Szayel made him gag! The meanie!

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