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Title: Orihime Explains It All -- Part II
Author: nehalenia
Characters: Orihime, Renji, Ishida
Rating: PG-13 for now (R or NC17 in the next bit)
Warnings: none here, but eventual smexing, threesome, het + yaoi
Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach. If I did, Episode 193 would have had Renishi fanservice out the wazoo.
Summary: Orihime has always wondered what it would feel like to get really, really angry. Ishida gives her the chance.
Authors note: Argh, as usual, I end up writing more than I intend! So, now it's a 3-parter. Smex next part, I swear! But for now--OMFG I MUST sleep! (2nd all-nighter due to school!) Once agian, hopefully the pron-age in Part II Part III will make it up to everyone. (Can you say reiraku shibori? I knew you could! ^___^) Much love to Ishida-kun, my favorite Bleach character to torment, and thanks to _debbiechan_ for hosting the contest!

The perfect way to stay angry, Orihime found, was simply by sitting and re-reading Ishida’s letter while she waited for Renji to bring their wayward Quincy home. Each line of his note upset her more than the one before, and the last line was the worst of all: Please, be happy without me. As if she could! As if any of them could! Hadn’t Ishida learned anything in Hueco Mundo? Weren’t they nakama? Did he really imagine he could simply disappear from their circle and tell them how to live their lives? To be happy without him? It made her want to tear the letter into pieces, but she decided that she would rather see Ishida-kun do it himself before her eyes. Deep in her heart, however, there was one small, cold place that wondered if she would get that chance. What if Renji couldn’t find him? What if he simply disappeared? He had before, when he had lost his powers. What if—?

Her grim thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a commotion in the hallway, and she hopped off the table just in time to see the door crash open to reveal a very disgruntled Renji. There was a bruise on his cheek and his hair had been pulled out of its ponytail. There was a travelling bag in one hand, a large suitcase in front of him, and a bound, struggling Quincy over his shoulder. Before Orihime could say anything, Renji kicked the big suitcase over the threshold, tossed the valise after it, then walked in, slammed the door with his foot and without further ceremony, dumped Ishida Uryuu in the middle of the floor.

Ishida sprawled there, looking as ill used as Renji, his clothes and hair in disarray, bound and gagged with kidou spells. For a brief moment, Orihime’s heart softened and went out to him, if only because his dignity appeared so badly abused; until, that is, she glanced at the letter still clutched in her hand.

“I found him at the train station,” Renji told her before she even thought to ask. He shrugged out of his jacket and tossed it aside, rolling his shoulders as if they pained him. “He was buying a one way ticket to Nara province.”

“A one-way ticket?” she repeated, staring at Ishida. “To Nara?” Even though he couldn’t move or speak, Ishida actually winced when Orihime turned her blazing eyes on him and began waving the letter at him. “Ishida Uryuu, what is the meaning of this? You—you were running away? From the people who love and care about you?” Ishida flinched again when Orihime used the word ‘love’ and looked away, frowning down at the floor. “You had better have a good explanation for this, Ishida-kun!” she announced, folding her arms. “Well? We’re waiting?”

Ishida looked up slowly and glared at Renji.

“Oh, right,” Renji said after a moment, looking briefly embarrassed. With a gesture and a short incantation, he released Ishida from his bindings. Ishida let out a deep breath and sagged backwards, supporting himself on his hands, but if he thought he was getting a reprieve, he was wrong. Before he knew it, Orihime was kneeling in front of him, still wielding his letter.

“Now,” she insisted, thrusting the note at him. “Explain this.”

“Ah,” Ishida frowned, pushing up his glasses and looking more uncomfortable than ever. “It’s—well, it’s just as it says, Inoue-san. I couldn’t choose. Not between the two of you,” he added with a sidelong glance at Renji. “So, I thought it would be better if I was simply—out of the picture. Entirely.”

Orihime peered at him long enough without saying anything that Ishida actually began to blush and fidget. Finally, she turned her attention to Renji.

“Abarai-kun, have either of us ever asked Ishida-kun to choose between us?”

“Nope,” Abarai said, crossing his arms.

“We would never make you choose, Ishida-kun,” Orihime insisted. “And you shouldn’t make yourself do it either.”

“That—that doesn’t make any sense,” Ishida shook his head as if he was trying to clear it, as if the laws of physics were being turned upside down. “It’s just—natural for people to—to pair up!”

“Natural!” Orihime repeated as if he’d said something offensive. “What’s natural about choosing to love only one thing or only one person when our hearts are so much bigger than that? I’ll tell you what doesn’t make any sense: having to choose between things that you really love! Why, if someone told me that I had to choose between chocolate and red bean paste and, and leeks, I couldn’t choose. And how awful to have to give any of them up! I like chocolate, and I like red bean paste, and sometimes,” she said, furrowing her brow and looking from Ishida to Renji and back. “Sometimes,” she continued, setting her jaw, “I like them both together!” With that, she leaned down and kissed Ishida’s astonished mouth.

“Orihime!” Ishida breathed, still looking confused as he glanced between Orihime’s very determined expression and Renji’s wide grin. Renji’s smirk didn’t last long however, for after kissing Ishida, she reached out and took Renji by the hair, drew him down and kissed him thoroughly, as well.

“Abarai-kun,” she said with a little smile. “I think it’s time we show Ishida-kun just how well the three of us can work together, don’t you?”

Part III is up!

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