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Anime, manga and CAN YOU SURVIVE FORUMS?

Summation of chpt 262: OH NO! CHAD!

Summation of episode 113: Well, thank you NOT Perriot Studios for censoring what was one of the most frightening panels in the manga for me---when Chad got his arm ripped off. There's been more blood shown before. Why dilute this moment?  Also, ULQUIORRA, could he have sexier voice? Interestingly he wasn't that scary. He was terrifying in the manga.

post-shipping crisis: I've been reading back through ileenka 's lj and now I feel a little better. I dont know why I have these late night fears over Bleach and my ships crashing. It usually happens when I lurk on forums too much. I want to be in the know (for example, I had no idea HOW intense the Rukia/Orihime debate until after I wrote my IshiHime essay) but then the flood of opinions confuses me. I try to respect each and every Bleach fan who posts in all earnestness but that's hard work. I lose it.

question: are Bleach forums survivable?
Tags: bleach anime, bleach manga, shipping
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