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ISHIDA BIRTHDAY CONTEST (IshiHime Fanfic Category)

Hello, it's me again...ok this time a fanfic but let me say one thing before...This is my very fisrt fanfic on bleach and only the 3 that I write in english. That's right, english is not my native language so I'm more than sure the fic will be full of mistakes -_- So please forgive me... I think writing is the only way to improve ...
I really hope someone will enjoy this little and cute (I hope) fic ^___^
Thanks to everyone who's gonna read it ^___^ Enjoy

Title: Powers are made to protect
Fandom: Bleach (IshiHime)
Rating: for everyone
Setting: after SoulSociety arc and before Arrancar
Disclaimer: Tite kubo owns Bleach


"that's it! Perfect! Now I have all I need for today's dinner!" declared Orihime satisfied while looking at her trolley full of a wide veriety of ingredients and drinks. Dinner looked as it was going to turn into a challenge of flavour this evening too. She already started thinking how she would combine all the good stuff in her trolley while she was pushing the cart towards the nearby counter.

With a big smile on her face she payed, already foretasteing her soon to be dinner and with a heavy bag in her arms she went out the supermarket heading home.

They come back from Soul Society only some days ago, but Orihime was very happy to be able to return to her normal days... she coudn't take it anymore, seeing people fighting and risking they life. They all went in that strange place in order to save Kuchiki and they found themself involved in a very terrible something.

"At least Kuchiki is safe now" whispered Orihime ... yes, she was safe, but she decided to stay there ... thinking about it now, that was absolutely natural that she wanted to stay in her belonging place, but since they came back without her, Orihime couldn't help herself noticing a very big change in Kurosaki and in Ishida too.

She gripped the shopping bag in her arms. She hated that thought that growed in her head every time she thought about that. She hated herself for the mere fact of thinking that Kuchiki's presence would be so much important for both Kurosaki and Ishida.

"Ishida-kun too..." she reflected thinking at that wonderful dress the boy sewed specially for the little shinigami girl.

"Ishida-kun... could he really be in love with Kuchiki?" she wondered...In those few days in which they stayed at Soul Society ,Orihime started to understand what kind of boy Ishida was. She found out a really shy person so much different from the grumpy and closed person she though he was at first. She really discovered how much shy and embarassed he could be while in the next moment he could turn into a full power and self-confidence person... How many time did he saved her? probably if it was not for him, she would have died long ago...she really have to thank him for everything.
"maybe next time I meet him I'll invite him for dinner" declared satisfied by her idea, wearing a big smile again " in this way maybe I'll be able to cheer him up...cause lately he always seems so sad and thoughtful" she conclude, thinking at the moments spent in class when she paused staring at the boy ... even in the break-time he was alone, trying to avoid everyone, totally lost is his thought...

...exactly like she was now, while slowly walking on the upper street that followed the river's cost. It was right there where they all gathered for watching the fireworks ...all?, that's not true, infact Ishida-kun was not there, she remembered, as her eyes turned aside looking at the river that was starting to be strained red by the setting sun.

That was the istant in which she saw him. He was lying on the grass beside the river, like always he seemed to be looking at the sky lost is his thought. Orihime could see only the silouette, but she was sure that he had his eyes closed behind the ever-present recttangular glass.

Almost without noticing, always acting on instinct, without too much thought, the girl approacched the lying boy. Summer was ended only a few days ago, but under her feet the grass was still green and thick and muffled her footsteeps.

"Good evening Ishida-kun!"

The boy's eyes opened wide letting them see the big smile of Orihime who was curved upon him looking down on him with her sunset-color hair that fell down almost touching Ishida'face.

"I...Inoue-san?" stammered the boy incredulous and a bit embarrassed judging by the light red that was painting his cheecks.

"yep" she confirmed closing her eyes and letting her mouth open in a bigger smile

the two of them stayed still, in silence, for a few minutes in that same position until Orihime blinked her eyes letting out a small scream getting away from him.


the sound seemed to be able to wake Ishida up from his surprise as he sprang up

"What happen?" he asked worried

"I'm a fool!!" - started failing the girl looking from side to side - there is surely a why of you being here all alone, but I see you from the street and I think I could say hi, but surely I shouldn't have to and so...I mean..."

"eh?" Ishida was again astonished, that girl really was a never ending surprise for him.

"I know I'm being a nuinsance, I'm very sorry!" she said with a deep bow.

"EH? oh no no " he rapidly answered understand only now that was troubleing the girl "don't worry, you can stay!" he said trying to reassure her with a smile while going back to sit.

Orihime did the same, sitting near him and as she was putting down her shopping back she noticed Ishida'schoolbag lying on the grass beside him.

"Are you sitting here since the end of school?" she asked.

Ishida looked at her, notincing that her gaze was set on his shoolbag. "yes" he answered touching his glass.

Silence laid upon them once again and once again Orihime was the one who broke it. She was sitting with her arms bracing the legs resting her head on her knees.

"I'm sorry" she said again, but this time the words came out gentle and almost with a bit of fear.

Ishida glaced at her, he understood that Orihime was refering to something different from before and his interrogative look pressed the girl to explaine herself.

"some days ago - she strated - I said to Kurosaki-kun and Sado-kun that you are not feeling well and whatever you have you don't want the other to know."

Ishida went on looking at her without talking.

"But... well, I... even knowing that I said it...I shoudn't , I know, but - she hid her head on her arms again - I'm sorry" she ended up saying almost in tears.

"I see..." answered the boy quietly "don't worry, there is nothing to feel sorry about, after all you're right..."

"if there is something that is worrying you.. we, I, want to help you, Ishida-kun!"

"Thank you" smiled Ishida, a bright smile, so rare on his face. "But if I'm in this situation is my own fault.... only because of me, because of my incapacity ... that's why this is something I must resolve alone." she said with a serious tone while watching his right arm that only some days ago was still covered by his special quincy 's glove.

"I see - answered the girl understanding his friend's mood - "but if there is something I can do, please just ask, ok?"

"ok, I will - smiled again Ishida - but - he added immediately after while rising his head toward the sky closing his eyes and putting all his body weight on the hands that were leant on the grass behind his back -"right now I would only want this headache to dissappear"

and while he was saying so, enjoying the sun's rays kissing his skin, he did not realize that Orihime moved and now the sun was not the only one kissing him.

His eyes opended wide and he only managed to briefly see Orihime's lips moving away from his forehead

"How it is now?" - she asked smiling -" when I was young and my head was hurting my big brother always gives me a little kiss on my forehead and I immediately feel better almost miraculously" she explained with a happy expression on her face.

Ishida on his part was freeezed, red like a tomato and with his mind completely blank...not feeling better at all, on the contrary, now he was maybe feeling worse in some way...

"Ishida-kun? are you ok? you all red...maybe you got fever..." asked with worry the girl getting close

The boy lost his arms's strenght that was supporting him and fell with his back on the grass trying only now, having get a little distance, to find back his voce.

"I...I'm ok, yes... - he says in one breath putting even more distance between them and adjusting his glass on his nose trying to hide his embarrassment

"GOOD!" she declared satified " I was sure the my big brother's technique would work"

And while saying this the girl took her shopping bag and then she tuned his attention again to the boy who was still trying to recover from the shock

"ah Ishida -kun..."


" would do like to have dinner with me?"

"eh? but... I dont' want to trouble you......."

" but what trouble?? - she smiled taking his arm forcing him to stand up and follow her " come on come on... eating with friends is a lot better"

Ishida hardly managed to catch his school bag while he was tugging by Orihime's exuberance

I can give you back your Quincy Power, but you shoud swear you will not get yourself involved in shinigami and his friends's business ever again

That "contract" was a blackmail...he know that very well... but he can't afford being without powers, the very same powers that allowed him to save the girl that now was pulling him, smiling...Without powers he can't protect her and his friends, without powers he would be only a nuinsance to them all ... he must take his powers back...after case of need, he will find a way to deal with the "contract"...
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