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ISHIDA BIRTHDAY CONTEST (RenIshiHime FanFic Challenge)

Title: An Important Mission
Rating: PG-13ish? When it got to the point where there should have actually been smut, I just didn't have it in me.
General Note:There's a lot more random Orihime thought process than anything sexual, so even if you don't like RenIshi, you should be able to stomach this. And apparently I only ever write fan fiction for this contest. Oh well. Here you go.

Orihime pondered the very important mission she was on. There were many good things about it. The path she took was familiar, one she had walked many times, so she could let her mind wander to tonight's dinner plans. It also went right by a particularly interesting tree that looked just like an angry ninja. Most importantly, the camera in her hands was bright and shiny, with oh so many interesting buttons.

She also felt perfectly suited for the job. If the Shinigami Women's Association needed some pictures of shinigami in action in the world of the living, there was no better person to ask than someone who lived there every day.

Yet she kept going back to the one thing that troubled her about her mission. Why did they want pictures of both Abarai-kun and Ishida-kun? Ishida-kun wasn't a shinigami. He would give you that glare if he thought you had even suggested he might be.

Maybe they just wanted pictures of the elusive Quincy? Like in those nature shows where biologists tracked down an endangered species. Or maybe it would be part of a "Save the Quincy!" campaign. "Donate now to make sure this poor young man is never without blue fabric." It would tug on the heartstrings and everyone would understand the importance of skilled handicrafts…

That still didn't seem quite right. What was it Rangiku-san had said? Simply, "We need pictures of Renji together with his friend Ishida." But was it Orihime's imagination, or did she wink when she said the word "friend"?

When Orihime had asked how she would like them to pose, she had quickly been cautioned that they shouldn't know they were being photographed, "Poses are too stiff." (Was that a smirk?) "We want candid photography. Slice-of-life. Au naturale. It's the latest thing."

Rangiku-san had always been so nice to her. She had no reason to doubt her. However, in addition to the previous facial twitches, there was something a little unsettling about the gleam in her eyes when she handed over the camera.

So Orihime found herself in front of Ishida-kun's apartment, marveling at her luck that the front door was open just a hair. She was a bit confused as to why there would be a white bit of fabric laying half-in and half-out of the doorway. It almost looked like one of the bandanas Abarai-kun liked to wear...wait - that meant he was definitely here and the pictures were within her reach. She hesitated for a moment before pushing the door in further. She would ask forgiveness for intruding later. She was on a mission!

However, when that bandana was followed by a belt and a t-shirt and a uniform jacket, the feeling that something wasn't quite right about the situation returned. Maybe the air conditioning was broken in Ishida-kun's apartment, and they were feeling warm?

She followed the veritable trail of clothing farther into the dwelling. Rounding the corner, in a single moment, everything became clear as she peered into Ishida-kun's bedroom.

Orihime was so entranced by the scene in front of her, her mind didn't have room for embarrassment. Long legs entwined to create a contrast between tan and white. Long red hair flowed across the bed. There were gliding hands and darting tongues. What did tattoos taste like? Maybe the air conditioning actually was broken because she was suddenly feeling very overheated.

"Oh...you two are 'friends.'"

Two pairs of startled eyes turned to the girl in the doorway, the camera forgotten in her hands.

"Inoue! I...we..." Ishida's attempted protest sputtered out before it even started. Although Orihime was prone to flights of fancy, even she would see the ridiculousness of an explanation like, "Abarai spilled something on himself and I was helpfully licking it off."

Renji had perhaps a better grip on the implications of the situation, "Hey, wanna be our 'friend', too?"

The Shinigami Women's Association never did get the pictures they wanted. But Orihime definitely found out what tattoos taste like.
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