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ISHIDA BIRTHDAY CONTEST (IshiHime Fanfic Category)

First of All


Well, here I go with my second attend of an IshiHime fanfic in engrish, yeah! Engrish! Cuz English is not my native languaje. So, I apologize with all of you for the grammar and all the terrible things I did with your precious languaje :_D

Whines apart, i hope you can enjoy this story :3 Those two are my most sweet weakness :**

Title: D. A. W. N. (Amanecer)
Fandom: BLEACH
Rating: For everyone!
Characters: Ishida & Orihime
Author Notes: Well, I have a Kubo Tite in my heart, so here you go the song that gave me the feeling for this little piece: "Tus Ojos" by David Cavazos. Click for LYRICS and Click for MUSIC

D. A. W. N.

Y El cielo conspira por llevarme a ti
Y estoy agradecido porque estas aquí
Tus ojos se han fijado en mí.

When she opened the door, she found herself in a dark and untidy place almost like her prison at Las Noches. It looks like centuries had passed since someone had lived in the last time. It was like the feeling about her own capture, apparently eternal but truly short.

She also noticed that her sense of time and reality had been turn around. She found asking to herself if that strange place was in fact her department or it was the neglected place of someone else.

"Inoue san, are you alright?"

Orihime blinked slighty, waking up suddenly from her daydreaming. Even though she still believed she was seeing Ishida in her dreams, next to her.

She nodded to him and give him the best of her smiles. Dream or not, it was better to hide her true feelings from him for now. That was the best for him and everyone. They shouldn't worry about her, all of them had done too much for someone like her.

She closed the little notebook that had remained in the same place where she had put it before her departure, traced a line through a thin layer of dust over her brother's portrait and feeling the sunlight on her skin when Ishida opened the curtains filling with light her tiny aparment. She came to think that it was dawning finally, the sunlight warmed up the air, changing everything around her.

Soon, the sound of the vacuum cleaner and Ishida' steps, made her feel like the cold of Hueco Mundo was left her body.

When had he opened her window, carrying her futon out of her aparment?

She didn't know, but she treasured every sound that they did, even the squeaking ones.

She loved the sound of the futon being hit irregularly, the sound of his voice mixed with her own voice, the sound of the drops of water falling in the bucket and above all, she treasured Ishida's presence in the same space with her.

It was like happiness, so far away of that nighmare.

She closed her eyes at the painful memory that clouded her mind suddenly.

"It's over, we win!", she repeated to herself trying to scape from the darkness, "I'm home!"

"Inoue san?!"

"I'm not alone..."

"Inoue san!"

His voice had reached her, again.

It was true, she wasn't alone. Ishida hadn't separated from her since then, nor even when Tatsuki had declared firmly to take care of her.

"I won't leave you alone"

They had been more than words.

It was a fact in front of her, it was the person kneeling next to her, with his arm almost extended towards her and his eyes filled with concern over his calm look. So close and so present in the middle of her pain.

She was safe.

"It...It was my brain, Ishida kun!" replied suddenly, waving her hands surprising Uryuu, "That's right! My brain got cold and it was painful! But I'm already okay Ishida kun! Look!" and she gave little hits to her head.

It wasn't all the true, but it was't a complete lie.

The pain in the soul, the beats, the helplessness, the fear, the reality, Ichigo, every pain subsided a bit in his presence.

She was so thankful towards him. She was happy to have him by her side, filling that big hole in her loneliness, supporting her, cheering her up and even holding her when she had lost her own strenght instead of disapprove her.

"Thank you, Ishida kun," she said suddenly, let her got carried away by her feelings, "Thank you to be here... Ishida kun," and her eyes filled with tears.

She saw him look at her confused, then adjusting his glasses covering his face as he always do but inmediately put it down to see her with that bare expression on his face that she never had seen until then.

Orihime felt his long fingers lay hesitantly on her shoulder, before he squeezed it softly, despite the slight shaking in his hand she could feel a new strengh coming from him and a warm feeling being born inside her heart.

"Your'e welcome, Inoue san," he replied while a tiny and embarrased smile curved his lips.

And Orihime knew it had already dawned.


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