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ISHIDA BIRTHDAY CONTEST (IshiHime fanfic category)

Title: Sweet Dreams
Author: chiave_trust (Kit)
Rating: R


There was a rhythm to sex, after a while, and Ishida Uryuu liked it - the comfort, the familiarity. The awkwardness was largely gone (even though there was a laugh or two, here and there) and he could just be, in Orihime's arms.

She would always put a candle on, a scented blue candle, and there'd be a soft scent throughout the room - some vanilla, along with the musk of heat and skin, and afterwards he'd look at the little flame, especially if it were night and the colors more vibrant.

Sometimes she'd put flowers by the bed too, ranging from dandelions to chrysanthemums to the odd rose.

Today, it was a chrysanthemum.

"It was really pretty," Orihime said, after the air had cooled between them. "They were a bit cheap, though I see a lot around.."

"They must be in season, so there's a lot of them." Uryuu shrugged. It was an autumn flower, at least, and the flower of Japan - that was all he knew. "It looks nice with the candle there."

There was quiet.

She held him.

He held her.

Wasn't this what home felt like?

Isn't this how family is supposed to be?

Uryuu rested his head carefully on pale skin, listening to his princess's heartbeat. She held him loosely - but her breathing was regular, and he supposed that she was approaching some magical dreamland that he would never quite manage to imagine.

He smiled and closed his eyes.


Interesting. Most interesting.


... Go back to sleep.


He woke up. He went to school - the year was almost done and there were so many exams, so many preparations to make. The better the university, the better he'd be able to provide. To protect.

He'd have to spend five hours studying tonight.

He had had a strange dream. A voice -

He touched the bracelet at his wrist. Yes, he could still protect. In little ways, he could still protect whom he wished, and that was not a little thing to him.

Quincy Archer was not afraid of examinations, no he was not.


Not afraid of examinations? Oh my. Doesn't that make it fun!

This time, he made himself speak. "Knowledge is power, though. Why would I fear exams?"

There was some awareness. The voice, and the feeling of laying down - on a bed? Dreams were odd, always odd.

There was a lot of white, and pink.

He shrugged. Knowledge was power but he wanted to go back to Orihime, not waste time like this.

Orihime owned a bit of pink, and that thought was calming. The memories of skin, of warmth, of a small candle, of touching hands in the Handicrafts Club...

It wasn't worth it. He could just go back -

I want to go back.

A laugh sounded, and it echoed. A room. He was in a room.

Was this a room? Wasn't this a dream?

"That girl?" It was the voice that went with the laugh. It sounded odd, masked, synthesized. Harsh.

"She has a name, you know."

He saw a smile now, black and white and too wide. "Of course."

Sweat and skin and pink and nub and fingers and hands and red hair and grey eyes, fire-hair and water-eyes, such loveable contradictions like raspberry and azuki and where was he and what was going on and little princess and

"You - you captured Orihime?? You have her? What are you doing to her?! Let her go!"

That laugh again.

But instead of the smile, he saw a regular smile, and gold eyes and blue hair.

"No, no, I only have you." A smile. "Just you."

He fidgeted, struggled. Not this man, not like this. "You killed-"

"No." The figure loomed over him now, the color of his hair mocking sensitive parts of the princess. The glasses mocking his own. "Now, don't fret. I'm here."

Ishida Uryuu realized he was laying down, he was on a bed, and during this heat - the sweating and the panting - there was no warmth.

This was fire violation destruction not warmth building healing this was this cold bed and this strap and that strap and the laugh, the voice, the fingers touching his cheek that weren't her and wasn't her and he wanted

he wanted

he wanted home

he wanted her.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri smiled, and went back to his mask, his safe form, the form that preserved his power.

He did so like this examination. It was a pity Quincy Archer did not. Such an interesting subject, so much data to take, so many dreams and emotions and behaviors to look at and study.

This was fun.

"Go back to sleep."
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