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Goodbye Shinji; Memoir of a RPGer

I gave up Shinji at lolz_bleach (ok, what's with LJ this morning--I can't use comm or user names in either html or rich text. >,< The comm I'm trying to write is lolz_bleach)
My first experience RPing and I always seemed to have other fandom interests that came before interacting with a group. Probably all my fault that I never got Shinji going--I was always one of those "doesn't play well with others" kids in that I preferred my own little corner of blocks. I also prefer the control that fanfic gives me over characters and plot. RPing is really a marvel--when people are clicking and things are rolling, I just don't see how they do it. I've never been good at team sports!

I used to wonder about the possessiveness of RPGers. The crazy "my character would only do this" in response to a lot of fanfic and other interpretations of said character out there. Now that I've got my Shinji in my head (and he was imagined in my fic before the RPG), he's bisexual, affecting boredom but truly watching everything, a planner and a rebel and someone who just loves to fuck with your mind. I love him so. And the mere idea of anyone playing him against this type drives me insane. LOL. Even now.

Farewell, Shinji, you will always be mine. (And only I can bequeathe you to Hiyori!)

What do RPGers out there feel about their characters? In relation to other's fanfic, themselves, the original Bleach?

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