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Chapter 332 Fang & Sting

Scan by Sleepyfans: Chapter 332 Fang & Sting

The chapter is titled for Soi Fong and Vega (who has the awesomest character design--supposedly after a dude in Street Fighter I don't know--but he's fine looking) but the cover and my heart belong to Omaeda.

This is the face only a mother could love?

This chapter was ranked number one by WSJ editors out of all its manga for the week--the last time Bleach was number one was when Coolhorn (can't remember the correct spelling--he'll always be teh COOL HORN to me) unveiled his ... well, you know). Makes me wonder what they're trying to encourage in my Kubo-sensei? More laughs out of the moody little man? XD

This chapter was all laughs and stuffs but Omaeda's trembling bottom lip won me. And a little more of the connection between Soi and her vice. Soi was all "I meant to do that" about her doing badly, but the fact remains that Omaeda rushed to her rescue and that Bleach just makes me go all fuzzy and warm when it's about characters caring for one another.

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