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WSJ POSTERS and Exclusive Kubo Art

Kubo is going to write your name on one of these drawings and sign it for you. There will be only 2000 of these babies on colored paper for 2000 lucky winners. The 2000 is to commemorate Jump's 2000th edition so they're giving away rare goodies.

Warning: Below the cuts are BIG ASS Big File pics to show the details by mangaka Yusuke Murata. But if you just want to see the posters normal size go
here for the first one with Ishida

and over here for the second one with Rukia and Kon . ( and click on image to keep enlarging).

What is my Ishida doing under Freeza right here? Hasn't he had enough of being tormented by gay villians?

The Eyeshield 21 manga-ka is AN AMAZING artist. I love this poster especially because it's just nutty with detail. Rukia's somewhere in here--LOOK for her because it's fun and you'll see cool stuffs:

(ooh, there was Kon--checking out Sakura and Bulma, hahahah)

Tags: fanart, ichigo, kubo tite, rukia, wsj
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