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Fic: The Lengths One Will Go

The Lengths One Will Go

By: Kuroi Atropos

Disclaimer: Kubo Tite owns Bleach. I am a lowly, broke fan.

Warnings: Mayuri worst case scenario, enough said. Really, though, this thing is going to be long and it gets a little… gruesome, in parts. 

Summary: Ichigo meets up with Renji and sees firsthand the damage Mayuri did to Uryuu. Renji tells the others what Nemu told him, and they find a dark secret at the heart of Soul Society. 

AN: Sorry about the wait between updates, my computer got destroyed and then last weekend was Anime Banzai! Did anyone else go to that convention? It was awesome!

PS... This is a link the FF.net because the chapter was too long to post on LJ, I hope no one minds.

(Chapter One)

(Chapter Two)
(Chapter Three)

(Chapter Four)
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