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Bleachness Contest Reminder: You Have 2 More Weeks


The deadline, or rather, the ONE day to post entries for the Bleachness contest is Thursday, November 6, 2008, Ishida's birthday. You have a little less than two weeks to finish working on your entries!

Please read the contest info below on how to post. You will be posting that day with the subject heading ISHIDA BIRTHDAY CONTEST and the category of your entry (IshiHime Fanfic, RenIshi Challenge, Draw Ishida or IshiHime Graphics) also in the subject heading. You may enter as many times as you like, one entry per post.

Feel free to pimp the contest around, especially to icon communities if you think anyone might be interested in making sets of IshiHime icons for the last category.

Voting will be exclusively by you this year; watch this community for details. I'll probably hold the voting right after the entries are posted (after I determine which posts are eligible--that's right, you can post away on Nov. 6, all kinds of ineligible posts that celebrate Ishida's birthday will be welcome!) and announce the winners on my own birthday, Nov. 19. That's the way I did things last year but you never know. I'm a quixotic woman.

I got two copies of All Colour But the Black in its English translation the other day. ONE OF THEM IS YOURS, the one whose pages I haven't already worn out. I love this book. It's beautiful and shiny.

How many prizes I give away (I love to give people stuffs on my birthday--it's a tradition) will depend on how many entries we get and if there are second and third place finishers. Here's another pic I took a while back of some of the available goodies that includes the Orihime hentai doujin I thought some guy might like if some guy wins a category (although I'm a chick and I love Orihime hentai... then again, I'm a total perv)... this is a nice one.

Some IshiHime doujin, Ishida pins, the Honey Dish Rhapsody novel, Colorful Bleach, a Japanese manga volume 2--not the Ishida and Orihime dangle phone charms, you can't have those--and the Orihime hentai. There are more doujin to select from too, including a mess of RenIshi I haven't gotten yet (but Spacecat said he put them in the post last week! XD) and a few general Bleach doujin.

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