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Chapter 331 Don't Believe the Hide, Porno Graffiti to do movie song, Kubo-esque fanart

331 Don't Believe the Hide

Have you read it? Good. Now fangirl Omaeda with me.


There was the usual fanboi complaining in the BA chapter thread this week about predictible shounen fights and how the Arrancar are getting defeated too easily, even for shounen fodder, and of course I had to leap to my Kubo-sensei's defense here as always whenever people attack the belabored plot. Del March wrote a post agreeing with me so naturally I'm fond of it and will reproduce it here:

Originally Posted by debbiechan
It's Kubo's modus operandi. These fights aren't about who wins--they're about giving us more character insights. Kira takes war seriously and becomes an assassin in the right situation. Yumi has some serious hang-ups and so does Ikkaku. Guess who but Iba has the moral high ground this time around. Koma-chan has some identity issues. The fights aren't REALLY about the winning and losing--can't you people see that?

My opinion too. Those fights are not about the war: they are about the characters.

The way I see it, Bleach is far more character-driven than plot-driven. The plot is here to serve the characters' development, not the other way around. Examples:

* Entire chapters dedicated to flashbacks, just so some character can get an added layer of angst. An *unnecessary to the plot* layer of angst! It didn't advance the plot one bit that Rukia was feeling so guilty over Kaien's death back in SS, or that Ikkaku had no direction in life until he got beaten by Zaraki, for example.

* The power levels are regularly messed-up just so a character can have a development moment. For example, 16yo Ishida was able to beat a bankaied Kurotsuchi just so we could get all that background angst about Mayuri killing Ishida's grandfather. And let's not talk about Ichigo who doesn't power up because the plot requires it, but because his development as a character demands it (power of resolve, anyone?)

* The talking, the endless talking! None of the characters can fight without talking endlessly, thus delaying the plot, but furthering the character development. Just check the Szayel/Mayuri fight!

That's why, the way I see it, Bleach is not about the story: it's about the characters. The plot is secondary (hence the holes popping up here and there); what matters is the characters. Ichigo and his regular plotkai are the typical example of this, but Orihime, for example, isn't bad either: her powers have got "plot hole!" written all over, but KT doesn't seem to mind, because it's not what matters: what's important is Orihime as a character, and her impossible powers are there to illuminate her development, nothing more.

Seen that way, the last chapters since the beginning of the VC fights totally make sense: the fights themselves and their impact on the plot are irrelevant. What matters is the insights we got into the characters.

And personally, as a character-driven fan and author, I'm pretty happy about it Unless KT drastically changes his modus operandi, I'm not going to stop reading Bleach any time soon!

And so now, we're going to get a 2nd division drama. Soi just got told off by a fraccion (is it a girl or a boy? I say boy) and Omaeda is going to show his stuff. I'm aboard for that. I can SO wait for Ulquiorra's release and any resolution of Orihime feeeeeelings when Kubo tells these stories. Kubo has me in the palm of his hand. Once upon a time he made me care about Soi Fong and he piqued my curiosity about how the hell did her nose-picking fat ass VC get his position anyway. I want to find out. Tell me, Kubo-sensei. Tell me your story.

I give up--I'm going to enjoy the everlasting fuck out of Fade to Black. Kubo's involvement and the promotions are hooking me.

I don't follow J-pop but everyone says this band is huge. Mel reported the rumors on 2ch yesterday and showed that they were confirmed on the cover pager of this week's chapter (bottom text): "Tonight, even though we cannot see the moon (今宵、月は見えずとも)" by Porno Graffitti is selected to be used as the theme song for the 3rd movie!!"

Now check this out! Fade to Black fanart already! This artist worked with copics and if you blink once, twice, you'd swear it was Kubo's work. I love a good copycat. This is amazing.

Fade to Black by CocoIsland DA link here

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