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Happy Birthday Jaina, Hitsugaya Poll, Plushie PicSpam


For the SECOND October in a row I fail you again and don't have the SAME birthday fic ready for you in time, but I'm working on it, I SWEAR. I still have our IM convo from last year and am taking your suggestion about Ukitake's role (haha, I bet you don't even remember it!). Erk, you know it's been a crazy year for me, so thank you for your patience but mostly thank you for your inspiration.

After utenatai , who Kubo drew in her cosplay as Nel and fawned over so much (LUCKY WENCH!) you have to win BLEACH FAN OF THE YEAR for your interview with Kubo-sensei. Thank you so much for it and for the inside scoop on how truly dreamy his brown eyes are. <3

The fic will be late but in your honor I made a useless!poll


Poll #1282581 Hitsugaya vs Halibel

Hitsugaya vs Halibel

In protest of Shiro-chan's toppling Ichigo in the popularity polls, Kubo will KILL our beloved Shiro-chan
Halibel likes the shota and won't deliver the final death blow
Shitsugaya has a power up (yawn) and wins
Someone (preferably a chick! Yoruichi!) comes to the rescue in the nick of time to take over for a defeated Hitsugaya
Kubo will SHOCK US ALL


And now, to annoy everyone further, PICTURES OF MY DOLLIES! The fabulous news is that the creator of these awesome plushies may MAY be re-opening commissions on Dec. 1 and in any event, she will have some pre-made Bleach plush available then. See http://pheleon.deviantart.com/.

Here they are! Pheleon did such wonderful detail work on them. Ishida's glasses are plastic with painted silver frames.

Here Orihime is enjoying reading one the many new doujin about her and Ishida I've recently gotten. Many of the ones you see here will be available as prize choices for the SECOND ANNUAL BLEACHNESS BIRTHDAYS CONTEST but you can't have my doujin by BYPASS, no way--those are my awesomeness wonderful lovelies.

Oh no! Orihime saw something disturbing on the computer monitor! Was it Mayuri! Was it Sarah Palin? Ishida draws his bow to investigate!

These plushies are fully posable with wire insides--even their hands open and close. I haven't taken advantage of their posability yet because they're just getting to know one another. Here they are swinging on my porchswing.

Just so you can see how big and cuddly they are, here's my daughter Sophie with the two of them in front of our tangerine tree. The little swing toy she's holding was a gift from Justine. Thank you Justine!

Pheleon's work pwns mine. Here is Hime being dumbfounded by my UNHAPPY HUECO MUNDO HIME creation!

I thought Ishida was going to blast away my little voodoo Ishida plush but he just poked it with Seele Schneider and decided it wasn't worth the trouble.

My other plushies are curious (and envious) of my new ones.

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