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Chapter 330 Crossing Swords

Bleach 330 Crossing Swords

1. Hitsugaya better lose. He's already lost in the first few pages to Halibel's ubercoolness. Lovely art. Serious eyesmex. Halibel is a shotacon?

2. Matsumoto versus the Halibel Greek Chorus. I want to take Apache home with me, let her eat snakes in my backyard ditch or something--she's so cute. Matsumoto, I love you. Marry me. Come be lazy in my house and kill all the bitches who come to bother.

3. Uh oh, Soi just made the same grievous error that Shinji made in the Pendulum arc. Don't discount your vice-captain. Five bucks that Omaeda isn't down for the count.

I love Bleach.

Tags: bleach manga, halibel, hitsugaya, matsumoto, soi fong
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