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Ishida drabble and Knitted Shinigami

The spoilers (check BA if you're interested) are out for the latest Bleach chapter and Kubo notes in his author message that this time, for Rangiku's birthday, someone sent him blue roses. He tells fans "Take it easy."
Ha ha ha.

I keep the man in little chocolates and regular fangirl mail but I can't compete with these new fans who send him Dom Perignon, premium sake, and a hundred roses. Kubo-sensei must have some wealthy fans!

Now some recs.

Because I'm a fool for great Ishida fics and especially if they have Ishida break down in character, here--a really powerful drabble about math and consequences: A Rock and A Hard Place (Ishida, rated G) by vayshti

And looky here. I meant to show these off the other day. incandescens crafts awesome fic and knits adorable Shinigami too!

I like how Shunsui and his hat are resting here in this group pic.

Back view. Looky details on Captain coats!

Tags: fic recs, ishida, kubo tite, plushies
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