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Bleachness Contest Reminders, New Anime OP and ED, some fanarts

A reminder about the SECOND ANNUAL BLEACHNESS BIRTHDAYS CONTEST. The day to post entries is November 6, Ishida's birthday. That's some time after a lot of the Halloween contests some of you may be participating in, so you've got time!

The contest itself is a present to myself for my own birthday later in November--I did it last year and it worked out swell, so I'm trying it again this year with more categories. I provide the prizes--yummy doujin of all ratings, little pins and keychains, and just yesterday I got word from amazon that my advance copies of the Bleach artbook All Colour But the Black (English translation) had shipped, and I'd ordered two--one for me and one for you, whoever wins the art prize.

Take some time to look over the rules on how to post that day. I'm fairly open about what goes and qualifies. If something doesn't quite qualify, post it anyway! We'll have a lot of entries to celebrate Ishida's bday! I'll make the decisions as to what entries meet the contest terms when I make the poll for voters. That will happen sometime after Nov. 6 so keep a watch.

Here are the basic categories and rules:

Guess what I did this morning? I actually watched the Bleach anime, episode 190, in the raw.

Been a LONG time since I've loved both the songs and the animation in the anime OP and ED. New ones are out--they're fun. So many of the characters I love. (And Yumi, Chad and esp ISHIDA are smoking HAWT in the ED!)

New Bleach Anime OP and ED


I wisecracked last week that the infamous hand-holding scene between Ichigo and Orihime might be wiped out in some sort of postmodern "OOPS" move by Perriot, and lo and behold, it was . The post-filler anime started with the wonderfully goofy scene of Ichigo hoisting Orihime on his back and saying he had to go save Chad and Rukia now--no handholding and staring into a non-existent Hueco Mundo sunset. Haha--I wonder if Kubo-sensei scolded Perriot for that one. The sight of him being picky and correcting voice actors at a FTB recording tickles me--I wonder what a pissy Kubo is like.

Now some fanarts by me.

All work safe. Kaien, Orihime, a random Menos at the DA links here:

Kaien for Justine

Strange Things
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