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Character Deaths

Well, hi, you may not know me much but I am a big IShida fan... but that's enough for an introduction. Since the winter war officially began last week, one hot topic that can be seen in a lot of forums are character deaths. I just would like to ask which characters do you think will be killed off and state your reasons, though I would like to ask, DO you think Kubo is capable of killing of his main characters?... By the way, I love chapter 329, Shunsui being tense must mean something right, I would really love to see what even just his Shikai do, how much more his Bankai. I really think he is very strong. Which reminds me, Soi Fong haven't gone bankai still...

Ok, back to the topic, the first one I think they will kill with the highest possibility is Yamamoto sotaicho. Reason 1, he is too old. 2, he is the head of the head that if someone is going to sacrifice for anybody it will be him. and finally because he has been ruling over soul society for like too long, there's a need for a change in leadership.

My next one would either be Shunsui and Ukitake or both, though I love them both with the depths of my heart. They are just too lovable I must say, and that is one of the reasons why they will be killed. Their deaths would have that much impact, as they are implied as the two possibly strongest shinigami captain in soul society and the fact that they were the only two captains who went against yama-jii in the soul society arc, they created such a character for themselves that to loose them is painful, if you get what I mean. And yeah, another reason is that they are the oldest of the captains that it could be rest in peace for them. But they have been through more and have survived so who knows?

Well, of course there are others but these three persons tops my list. I was also surprised in the last chapter that it was not Soi Fon who fought Halibel. I really was expecting it would be the two women who would square off.  I am missing Ishida badly, and the fact that he was not part of the "Go Ichigo" people who encouraged Ichigo on his way to go finally and save Orihime. I wonder what is happening to him...

Thank you for your time and I would really want to see what you think...

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