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Shamelessly plugging Bleach fanfiction

This story's really come about because a: I've been bored on sick leave last couple of weeks and b: what I'm meant to be writing is stuck in Writer's Block :S

Besides, I get writing ideas from really random things, and this is one of those times. Link goes to FFnet because my stories are *always* way too long to post in LJ ^_^.

Title: Rain Dragon. No prizes for guessing who it's about, then :P
Synopsis: Set at the end of the Soul Society Arc.
200 years ago, the Quincy were all but eradicated on the orders of Soul Society. Two centuries on, the 'last' of the Quincy faces off against one of Soul Society's thirteen Captains in a last ditch attempt to defend the pride of his people and the life of his friend.

In Soul Society, the Gotei 13 are picking up the pieces of the recent betrayal - and digging up the bones of an ancient one.

And in Karakura-chou it's not only Ichigo who's noticed that Ishida's been acting a little strangely lately...
Rating: Potential violence, so probably Teen. No x-rated stuff, though.
Pairings: Most prominently IshiHime, bare hints of Rukia/Renji and possibly one other ^_^. Depending how it goes in this twisted brain of mine.
Chapters: Three and a prologue at present...ongoing :) (around 19,000 words so far).

Pretty much the whole of this story unwound from the kanji 雨竜 and the fact Ichigo misread Ishida's name in the anime that first time. A combination of that and vague theorising on Quincy and Shinigami relations. I really have no idea how long it's going to be and I'm pretty much letting it go how it wants to go. It's my first attempt at a Bleach fanfiction, so any OOC, gomen :)

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