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Let's hear it for some 'Hime love. (+ several 'fic recs)

In Bleach, there's a girl. A gentle, goofy, warm, wonderful girl with a heart big enough to hold whole worlds. She cooks strange food, talks in extended metaphor, and willingly walks into hell to keep her friends safe.

Today, dear fandom, I would hear your appreciation for Inoue Orihime.

Post your favourite canon moments (bonus love for pictorial aids!), 'Hime-centric fan art, good!fic, tasty meta, AMVs, whatever you have. Tell me why she is awesome. Tell me how much she is worth. Give me your top whatever reasons for loving her. Pair her off with whoever you prefer, but please keep 'ship debates out of this post.

Here's something to get you started:

This song always reminds me of Orihime: Fiction by Yuki Kajiura (lyrics)

And have a bunch of 'fic recs, some gen, and a variety of 'Hime ships. They all feature remarkable portrayals of her, whether sweet, humorous, dramatic or even dark. If I've mislabelled anything, please do let me know.

Across Endless Sands by geofount (UlquiorraxOrihime)
Carousel by unedited (IchigoxOrihime)
The Closet by Asuka Kureru (IchigoxOrihimexRukia)
Cue the Heroic Rescue by incandescens (Orihime, HM rescue team)
Ducks and Dragonflies: Twenty Random Facts About Inoue Orihime by starswing
Four Days by xenophony (OrihimexTatsuki)
Happy Holidays by memlu (OrihimexIshida)
holding out your hands to the living by incandescens (Orihime, Rukia)
The Most Important Thing by prpl_pen (Orihime, Rukia)
Nocturne by empath_eia (Orihime-centric, OrihimexIshida)
Not Crying by _debbiechan_ (Orihime, Rukia)
Of Pioneering Most Painful by dusted_sunlight (Orihime)
One Last Declaration by libekory (IchigoxOrihime)
Treehouse by tehuberdork (OrihimexIshida)
True Love and Swirly Skirts by _debbiechan_ (Orihime-centric, Orihime->Ichigo)
Where We Stand by unedited (OrihimexChad)
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