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Orihime Shows Ichigo the Manga

I've abandoned the anime for the most part, relying on capslock_bleach for its parody summaries of episodes from dougras. The fillers are over, and the Shinigami Golden omake was particularly cute this week! Worth a mention here.

Now, Kubo-sensei breaks the fourth wall occasionally in his doodles when the characters are lining up for their poll placement poses or when Radio Kon interviews Rukia during her imprisonment... he does it in an unobstrusive way, but the anime--to its credit I believe, because it so ROYALLY disturbed the timeline with this recent filler, in episode 189, had Orihime call Ichigo to go ban-kai and get his ass to Hueco Mundo, where, of all things, she pulls out the Bleach Volume with Grimmjow on the cover and shows Ichigo the place where they last left off.

screencaps thanks to keikain

How funny is that? I noticed that Orihime is pointing to the actual manga scenes that took place before the much ballihooed filler "handholding" between Ichigo and Orihime in the anime. I wonder if that scene is going to be effectively erased next week when the anime starts from where Orihime is pointing. LOL. Nice shot at a re-do, Perriot, if that's the case. The scene was hugely unpopular. I'd be very surprised if they went that far to "un-do" it, though.

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