_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

Another IshiHime doujin for y'all

Strawberry Milktea, presented by Kouougekka
IshiHime doujin, just Ishi and Hime this time... and a PG13 rating because of the intimation of an
erection in the last page? Not really R, PGish.


www.sendspace.com/file/glwd0h  (new link)

xilvrin , I've scanned Road Mark but since that is one of the possible prizes for the
SECOND ANNUAL BLEACHNESS BIRTHDAYS CONTEST, I may not share that one until later. It's quite lovely. The cover says it's presented by NP; NG and Yuya Sagami is credited as artist.

Anyone up to translating this one or the last one I posted? I'm particularly interested in this one. This is the doujin my seven year old daughter claimed to have thrown away in the trash but later I found it among her collection of manga, haha.
Tags: doujin, ishihime
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