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Mayuri graces cover of Volume 35

Mayuri and his golden teeth grace the cover of volume 35. Kubo-sensei indirectly mentions our jaina in his volume blurb, and the volume poem is clever and short--one of my favorites.

pic gratis of Spacecat and translation of volume poem also by Space:

If you even fail to be born, it's only natural to die.

Kubo's volume message translated by Sheetz of FLOL:

I went to America for work.
San Diego.
I appeared at the Comic Convention, and met many American fans.
There were many cosplayers.
I gave many interesting interviews.
People stood in line overnight to hear me talk.
Everything was a fresh and enjoyable experience.
It was my first trip overseas, but I'm proud of what we did to meet the American fans.

There's a lot more piccies to be found in the thread at BA here . The page with "The end is far" cracks me up for some reason, and my favorite endpage scribble shows Ishida all hot and bothered after his encounter with Nemu in that "healing" scene.

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